Master Clock

Patek Philippe watch themselves very expensive thing, but they can become even more valuable. At the last auction in Geneva Antiquorum watch steel Patek Philippe Ref. 1463 went under the hammer for 194,500 Swiss francs ($ 205 thousand). Former owners of this beauty was Jacques goals, one of the best masters of the house Patek Philippe. Oh, he, more than anyone else, knows a lot about the beautiful. This watch Mr. Golan was created in 1950 in the studio of Fils de Victorin-Piguet, which is part of the company Patek Philippe. Copies sold is a personal variation of a beautiful model in 1463, which is the master for themselves perfected astmometricheskoy scale on the dial (astmometr - counter respiratory rate). To our knowledge, this is the only such watches. In addition, the housing chronometer no autograph Patek Philippe and number - these "beautiful" for customers, rather than creators. "By itself, №1463 model is a real treasure for any lover of hours, but the fact that they belonged to Jacques goal, perhaps the most famous régleur (so-called experienced watchmakers - PS) of all time, makes it even more valuable," - says managing director and an expert on the clock of the Geneva office of Antiquorum Julien Schaerer.


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