Luxury hair with TONI & GUY

Iconic British brand TONI & GUY has introduced a new collection of styling tools to help create a harmonious image that is suitable for any situation - from prim reception at the embassy until a daring party punk. The concept of the brand - Hair Meet Wardrobe - the idea that the image lives and breathes only when it harmoniously combines all the details. Styling hair is not just a complement to the image, along with him, he is an indivisible whole. The ideal image is achieved in three steps: 1) Cleanse & Nourish - Cleaning and care; 2) Prep - Preparation for the installation; 3) Style: Casual, Classic, Creative, Glamour. A varied and infinitely multifaceted classic style - on the military to end the Hollywood glamor of the Great Depression, compositionally perfect complement shiny, smooth hair, artfully modeled using the styling products Classic. Imposing casual in every note which betrays a casual, lurking in the soft folds of vintage sweaters or delicate texture of suede jackets with tassels, underlined lush hair with effect rastrŅ‘pannosti morning, which will help to create the means Casual. Defies the imagination glamorous bow, feminine and at the same time daring in which coexist a variety of texture fabric sparkle in the spotlight with new faces, decorated with glossy curls from the collection of Glamour, a bright and challenging conventions shocking way to help worthy collection of funds to complete the Creative. In the photo stylists TONI & GUY create creative styling to display Viven Westwood as part of London Fashion Week 2013


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