Watch tyazhёlovesy Grieb & Benzinger

German watch brand Grieb & Benzinger with pomp presented the trio of new watches. As the creators say, the new timepieces are the "most severe and most complex platinum watches." That's really unusual case - a large mass is exposed as a virtue. In a series of three models released "heavyweights»: Blue Danube («Blue Danube»), Blue Whirlwind («Blue vortex") and Blue Sensation («Blue Sensation"). Weight of products G & B reaches 260 grams - not for wimps. And not for the poor. The exact cost of hours not called, because each model will be tailored to specific customer and his whims. The total value of the collection will be about 1, 5 million dollars. Manufacture Grieb & Benzinger for the manufacture of its watches picks mechanisms known ancient houses and gives them new life. The presented chronometers line is based on the mechanisms of Patek Philippe 120 years ago. "Heart" hours of prisoners in the massive case of platinum. Opens a series of "Blue Danube" price of $ 450 000. "Blue vortex" is created on the basis of the legendary caliber Patek Philippe R TO 27 PS. It is rumored that one such "engine" Patek Philippe sold the house for $ 1, 4 million. A Grieb & Benzinger asks for Blue Whirlwind «only" about $ 850 000. The last in a series of "Blue Sensation", which PoshSpace already told earlier. It was estimated at $ 260 000 92,632,601


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