"Blue Sensation" by Grieb & Benzinger

Deutsche Mark Grieb & Benzinger, famous for its guilloche and skeletonized timepiece again pleased fans another masterpiece by the name Blue Sensation. His new watch masters do on the basis of ancient specimens. This was born out of the mechanism of Patek Philippe 1889, made for Tiffany. "Blue Sensation", like most other works of Grieb & Benzinger, exists in a single copy, which significantly increases its value. The makers claim that their child is the only skeleton in the market with a stopwatch. On his body, they spent a record amount of platinum - 165 gram. This volume of the noble metal other wristwatches not. Blue Sensation on top of that is the most difficult creature Grieb & Benzinger, demanded a huge amount of time spent. This explains the price tag of 197 500 euros.


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