Patek Philippe let the advanced technology to the masses

One of the giants of Swiss watchmaking Patek Philippe produced a series of hours with the use of new technology Silinvar - silicon-based material created in the Department of Advanced Studies. Created claim that innovation can increase the accuracy, reliability, lifespan and efficiency of hours. For several years, researchers have experimented with a variety of materials for the most important parts of clockwork, but chose silicon Silinvar. It does not corrode, does not react to temperature changes, its surface is perfectly smooth and does not require lubrication - in a word, the dream of watchmakers. Patek Philippe has gradually increased in the presence of Silinvar watch movements in 2008 in Basel, was a model 5450, in which the synthetic material were fabricated escape wheel, spiral and pallet fork. But that model had the status of an experimental sample and was available only to employees of the company, headed by President Philippe Stern, and a select few customers. In 2011, Patek Philippe presented a model 5550P, which can become the owner of 3,000 people - such is the limit of the series. Watch issued platinum housing 37 width 2 mm and 9 mm in total thickness. Each dial is engraved with the phrase «Advanced Research» as a reminder of the advanced "stuffing" chronometer.


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