Grand gift Pitt

Gifts in the family Pitt Jolie - always a big event. Just like Beckham. Brad presented his beloved one of the most expensive watches in the world - Patek Philippe Minute Repeater worth $ 390 000. Usually, such a watch house clients have to wait for several years, but for the sake of Hollywood couples Swiss concessions. According to a friend of the spouses, Brad Stern met with the family, the owners of Patek Philippe, Baselworld in the spring and felt an urge to buy one of their products as a gift to his beloved. "He wanted to make it a unique gift that will have a very limited number of people, - says the pal. - Perfect, like a work of art. He personally went to Geneva to pick up a present, which he had prepared for the wedding. " The fact that the pair after a long novel, finally decided on the design of relations. In April this year, Pitt and Jolie announced their engagement. In honor of this joyous event lovers are inundated each other gifts. So far, the record generosity keeps Angelina. She presented her fiance helicopter value of 1, 6 million dollars.


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