Patek Philippe took to new heights

On the hourly auction in Geneva set a world record for a model Patek Philippe №2523: she went to a collector from Asia for 2, 675 million. Swiss francs ($ 2, 7 million.) for the initial Assessment 1, 5-2, 5 million. francs. Results of inspired organizers of the Geneva watch auction. "Surpassed all expectations, sales reached 97% of sales of all items and the amount is $ 21, 8 million. - Says the director of the international department of Christie's Aurel hours Bucks. - Buyers from 10 different countries bought the top 10 auction items, proving thereby how important international audience of collectors timepieces. About 800 watch lovers from around the world registered to participate in the auction, and collectors from Asia have shown unprecedented activity, demonstrating its integral role in the global market. " A selection of vintage models of watches Patek Philippe from the third part of a private collection «Connoisseur's Vision» was sold for the sum of $ 3, 1 million. Thus the value of the entire collection together with the first and second parts has reached a new peak level of $ 19 million., Confirming that is the most valuable private collection of wristwatches ever to appear at auction. Mr. Buck also noted "a fascinating war of rates" for LUC Louis Ulysse - The Tribute Model - the first instance of the limited series of fine watches, designed and produced by Chopard in 2010. Price Summary chronometer was 57, 5 thousand. Francs ($ 59, 1 thousand.).


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