Record on the clock

Auction house Christie's reported a record performance in revenue at the end of all time trading in 2010. In the past year it has been sold chronometers for $ 91, 2 million., Which is the highest for this category in the history of trades. In each of the past auctions, whether in Dubai, Hong Kong, Geneva and New York, goes under the hammer for about 90% of the lots offered for auction, which is also an unprecedented result. The record year was unique watches Patek Philippe model №1527 1943, sold for a record sum of $ 5, 7 million at the Geneva auction. "Past in New York December 14 bids become a kind of culmination of more than a successful year, which resulted in the auction house Christie's has strengthened its position as a leader in the international market of rare hours - boasted the result achieved director of the international department of hours of Christie's Aurel Bucks. - Recently we have seen a significant increase in the number of collectors from around the world, actively participating in our auctions. It should be noted that the leading position in this list are buyers from Asia, in particular - the Mainland and Hong Kong. Private and corporate customers, as well as art dealers and museums in Europe and the United States do not concede their position, adding the confidence of the market and allow us to build optimistic forecasts for next year. "


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