Patek Phillipe №5004. comeback after 15 years

Patek Philippe watches revived production of 5004. This split-chronograph was introduced in 1996. It looks like nothing special, but the production of split-chronograph with a perpetual kalёndarёm an extremely difficult task. 5004 th was difficult to make, the roads, so they made a total of 12 units per year. And soon all production curtailed. 15 years later, Patek Philippe model №5004 returns to the market. New old Chronograph is now available in stainless steel, while the first was used only precious metals. The first batch consists of 50 hours, which provided for the cabin Patek Philippe in Geneva at a price 270 000 Swiss francs. But you can not take the time for a flight to Geneva - all copies have already been reserved.


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