Tree against composites

modern shipyard prefer newfangled composites, and the Serbian Art of Kinetik remains faithful to the traditional shipbuilding materials - wood. Corpus their last boat Antagonist (37 ft - 11, 3 meters) is completely made of African mahogany. The assurances of the Balkan shipbuilders, wood is lighter and stronger plastic, besides resistant to wear and is not subject to fatigue, which makes it the preferred metal. Antagonist its appearance resembles both boats of the 1920s and at the same time bold line silhouette give it to our contemporary. Pleasure boat has an open teak deck with seating for eight people. V-shaped hull provides hydroplaning at high speeds and gives additional stability on the move. Two engines Yanmar 8LV-370 allow "antagonist" to accelerate to 42 knots and a cruising speed of 33 knots.


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