40 of the most delicious desserts from around the world. Simply Yum!

After a good and hearty lunch, there's nothing better than a cup of tea with something tasty ... Especially for sweets gathered the best desserts from around the world. Well, just Yum ... Forget the diet!

Chocolate souffle with liquor «Grand Marnier» (France)

Apple Pie (USA)

Gelato (Italy)

Grandma (Poland)

Mochi ice cream (Japan)

Cake "Sacher" (Austria)

Pavlov (cake) (Australia)

Iris sticky pudding (England)

Baklava (Turkey)

Apple strudel (Germany)

Tres leches (three milk) (Costa Rica)

Alfahores (Argentina)

kanafeh (Israel)

Figure with milk (Mexico)

Baking «Verwurrelt Gedanken» (Luxembourg)

Jelly (Ukraine)

roll «Snuour» (Iceland)

Fruit dessert "Kua Bing» (Taiwan)

dulce de leche (Cuba)

Ka'b al-gzal (Morocco)

Layered dessert «Destaye» (Ethiopia)

Banana custard (Zanzibar)

Sankhya Tine (Cambodia)

Cheesecakes (Russian)

Gajar Ka Halva (Nepal)

Cake «Bizcocho Criolla» (Dominican Republic)

Pudding cassava (Fiji)

Cream dessert «Po'e» (Tahiti)

Papaya in caramel and cream sauce (Seychelles)

Balls «Paw Paw» (Trinidad and Tobago)

Sikarni (Tibet)

Dobos (cake) (Hungary)

Fried Candy «Ravjul Moqli» (Malta)

Guava Duff (Bahamas)

Chocolate cake with Guinness (Ireland)

Dessert of potatoes «Kiisseli» (Finland)

Dumplings (Czech Republic)

roll «Brazo Gitano» (Venezuela)

Maple Syrup (Canada)

Dairy balls «Galub Jamun» (India)

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