Blocks in the body: the stress zones

Traces of resentment, disappointments, betrayals, infidelities, etc. are manifested in the form areas of tension in the body:

  • from the standpoint of psychology the unit is a steady tension in your body, which is the actual problem person;
  • from the point of view of functional anatomy a block is a tissue condition characterised by its shortening, increased density and stiffness;
  • from the point of view of bioenergy the block is the encapsulation of a certain part of the energy in a certain part of the body.

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The mechanism of occurrence of blocks at the time of psychological stress, the body shrinks and the person experiences the whole gamut of emotions, from strictly negative to positive and sexually suggestive.

  • If emotions are understood and manifested, and they were followed by the reaction, tension is released and the situation goes to the social plan and will be in the future is governed by social laws.

  • If there was no reaction or a person has kept himself, the voltage — partial or full — left, leading to the fact that the body appeared a number of specific locks, and on the level of society there was a "hang" situation.

Compression of the body happens for a reason is grouped muscles for an adequate response. For compression must be followed by acting out, i.e. the reflection shock in any human way — physically, energetically, emotionally. The minimum costly way of reacting is a reflex (based on conditional and unconditional reflexes), the energy — reflection attack on the mental level.

To do this in those parts of the body that needs to play a retaliatory attack (for example, ejection of the hands in the shot), there is a concentration of energy. If ejection did not happen, the energy will remain there, giving rise to the sensation of pain and discomfort. The block is retained in the body until, until there is either resolution of the situation through the reaction or (in rare cases) after therapy or the problem will cease to be relevant, what is called the Statute of limitations. So spiritual growth, which is a natural revaluation of many events of the past often leads to a significant bodily transformation and, on the contrary, the spiritual stagnation invariably leads to a chronic stagnation in the body.

Repeated the same type of situation allows us to speak about stable behavioral pattern, and he, in turn, leads to a pattern of motor.


The evolution of the block in the body is. At first it totally different structure, and such it is felt, the person experiences discomfort, spasm or pain, clearly distinguishes between the boundaries of the unit and is able to imagine it as a foreign object, such as a knife, a nail, a stone or piece of ice.

At a certain point a block of alien symbiote becomes a man ceases to feel it. This means that there has been a displacement or habituation. So we get used to circumstances of a personal nature, used to the unbearable situations in relationships suffer the humiliation and pain, etc For a unit of this kind may stand in fear or trait that person knows for himself, sees as negative, but it is not going to do, not counting this possible or just getting used to it. In the body such blocks as usual felt a slight tension is constantly reminding myself.

If after the psychological trauma develops a belief or attitude that will continue to affect his entire life, over time, the blocks embedded in the individual. In addition, as a rule, the units rarely live alone, preferring "to settle colonies". Each of them performs a strictly defined task, and all together they form a "grid" — formative constructs of personality.


Blocks directly related to the nature of action and nature response, ie, the blocks appear where there was a lock pulse and not take the first vacant place. So,

  • if you wanted to speak, but not expressed, you will have the specific strain of the neck, throat, lower jaw, cheekbones, allogennogo plot and lips;
  • if you wanted to cry and cry, you will tense the forehead, cheekbones, tension spread to the nasolabial folds, eyes, and compress the chest;
  • if you wanted to give up the case but refused, driven by feelings – sad zanoet shoulders and remind myself stomach.

As a result of receiving the first negative experience deter or experiences a voltage is applied, on which will be superimposed a new layer of tension all subsequent times when a person will experience the same. Thus, the block most similar to a layered cake, where each next layer is a problem that is similar to the previous.

The work of the psychologist with blocks is not just a rough kneading of tense tissues, and the establishment of the reasons for which they arose and handling it to her, and bodily therapy to deal with all problems there is an adequate way of help.


The locking mechanism of the senses


If in childhood the child had a rough time, and for some reason was not someone who would be helped through these difficulties by separating the feelings and emotions of the child, explaining what is happening and giving their protection and comfort, the child is forced to block those feelings, to experience which does not yet have the resources.

To block the experiencing of the feelings is not difficult, anyone of us is ever done: it is enough to stretch those muscles that are associated with their expression.

We all know that sorrow is expressed with tears. Also, we all know what needs to be done, not to cry: you clench your teeth tight, to stretch the muscles around the eyes, and to breathe less deeply.

Than superficial breathing, the less access to any senses at all; full stop breathing, obviously, will lead to the fact that people soon will not feel anything. For nothing feel only the dead.

However, the confrontation with intolerable feelings often causes difficulties and significant time respiratory failure: and say: "breath of despair/fear/terror/etc.»

In fact, such a voltage intended to protect the person from emotions and feelings, which he (for some reason, and often unconsciously) considers to be unbearable or unacceptable. These feelings often remain unnamed and unrecognized, and, of course, always nepereinami, why, as though preserved in the body.

But that's not all: those areas of the body that were tense in order not to give feelings to get out and also lose fine sensitivity, become unable to experience pleasure.

The mechanism of this is simple. Try to clench a fist and slide it on the other hand. Pay attention to sensations in the compressed hand, describe them for yourself and remember. If there was any pleasure? Now, release the fist, relax your hand, make it soft – and run it in the same place. Compare the feeling. In which case, more fun?


The occurrence of bodily blocks


If an adult blocks the experiencing of the feelings, once, probably, it will not leave any trace on his appearance. The human psyche is capable of, even if consciously he will not do anything for the experience of feeling blocked – there are still dreams, they help the processing of daily experiences.

But if you do this from childhood, over and over again, if some stress is usual for the mind then in adulthood it can be seen with the naked eye.

  • Habitually intense nodules on the cheeks is the price for the fact that "boys don't cry".
  • Habitually tense shoulders, sucked in their neck is an attempt to hide from himself and not feel your fear.
  • Tense belly and hips locked – fee for the ability to not feel sexual arousal. And so on.

Most often such bodily blocks occur in childhood, when conscious of the ability to experience feelings the child is still weak: when parents came to help, and he can not cope, to "preserve" the feeling of threat until better times seems very reasonable strategy. However, this affects the development of the body, a so-called "muscular armor", which routinely protects certain feelings, well, Yes, there is the survival speech: better armor, but alive.

Fortunately, in contrast to body type, which cannot be changed (and not necessary, it's your strengths! they need to use and be proud of) – this muscular armor can be removed to return the sensitivity your own body. This road is not always easy, but it walking.


Study your own body


This exercise is best done, for example, in the shower, where you could explore all of her body without interference.

Turn on warm water, and directing it to different parts of your body, explore all the richness of their feelings. By doing this, you can kindly speak to the study area: "I'm happy for you, my right shoulder blade, Hello!"it doesn't matter what you say, how much the intention. You need to ensure the benevolence of self-inquiry, that it was held in an atmosphere of benevolent attention, and not the evil of the inspection.

Notice everything that is happening in the study of any area: whether it has a sensitivity at all? You will notice that in different parts of the sensitivity of the different: somewhere it feels every drop of water, and the total pressure, or nothing at all is felt.

Observe that exactly how felt: only the jets of the shower, or maybe internal pain, tension? Progressing as you feel? Perhaps there is a desire to make a motion? What emotions are you experiencing, exploring different areas? Somewhere will be pure uncomplicated joy of knowing your body, and somewhere you can feel irritation, sadness or even fear. Perhaps the study of some areas of the memory that comes to mind any images – all of it (sensations, movements, emotions and memories/images) must record the release of the soul, to create a map of your body.published 


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