Whether Guilin: seven simple techniques that help to improve health

Not everyone is ready for daily exercises in the morning. Have someone else pace of life is so rich that there is no time at least a couple times a week to go to the gym. And someone gets tired so that neither the strength nor the desire to exercise or healing procedures. But 10 minutes for a peaceful "dialogue" with the organism exists in everyone.

Professor Li Guilin: seven techniques that really help to improve health, although do not require supernatural effort and time.

Move 1.

Are going to harmonize Yin and Yang by rubbing hands

How to perform the exercise:

• holds out both hands forward, the left palm down, right palm up,

• first quick, then slow motion clockwise warm up his hands with friction until you feel the heat in the back and small perspiration,

• then slowly dilute hands a couple of inches apart and not touching your palms, continue the clockwise rotation.

Between your palms will feel hot air, which takes the form of a ball. This suggests the merging of Yin and Yang.

Regular performance of this exercise helps to preserve balance in the internal organs, and therefore maintains the health of the whole organism.

Move 2.

Stimulate the internal organs through massage of the face

Our face reflects the quality of work of the internal organs, condition of blood and qi — the life force. There is also a feedback: when we do a facial massage, the same time stimulate the work of the internal organs.

Massage technique:

• before the procedure is performed harmonizing Yin and Yang the technique of rubbing the hands,

• not skipping any zones, tapping movements massaging the face with all ten fingers

• gently patting face with his hands, then perform the same motion as when washing.

Regular performance of this exercise not only has beneficial effects on blood and qi, but also positively affects the appearance.

Reception 3.

Combing the hair, clear the meridians

On the surface of the head presented all the channels and meridians of the body, so you should be able to comb your hair. There is even an opinion that the greater life expectancy of women is largely due to the fact that they are combed more often than men.

How to perform the exercise:

• before you start the procedure, we reconcile the Yin and Yang technique of rubbing the hands,

• putting your fingers in the shape of tiger paws, comb hair in the direction from front to back. You need to be careful not to miss a single point or one Meridian, can clear the meridians of the whole body,

• after that, you could always RUB your hands over the neck and cervical vertebra

• changing the hand repeat the entire procedure again.

You can also use a comb made of horn of cattle, but in this case, the movement should not be too intense.

Taking 4.

Regulate qi, acting on the ear

Ear presented the reflex zones in all parts of the body and internal organs. On the surface of the ear is home to an enormous number of acupuncture points, stimulation of which clears all the channels.

Massage technique:

• rubs hands to harmonize Yin and Yang,

• pressing several times with the index fingers at the external auditory meatus, and then rubs a thumb entire surface of the auricle and in the end massaging the earlobe.

The intake of 5.

Pohlopyvaniem on the back to promote health

It is very important to pay attention to the health of the spine, problems which directly affect the work of our internal organs, causing various diseases.

To perform their own Pat on the spine is difficult, so the procedure might require the assistance of another person.

To begin with, as in previous procedures, you must warm up your hands and tapping movements to work the entire surface of the spine from the top down to the waist, not missing a single plot. Pats should not be too strong.

Reception 6.

Strengthening the "special" muscle

A disease such as hemorrhoids, worried about an increasing number of people. To protect yourself from it, you must strengthen the muscles of the anus.

This exercise can be performed lying and sitting. On the inhale, tense the muscles of the anus and hold the breath for 5 seconds, exhale to relax muscles. Repeat 10 times. This procedure is very useful for the reproductive organs of both men and women.


Technique 7.

Control of Yin and Yang, stimulating the reflex zones of the foot

On the foot is concentrated a large number of active points, so foot care is very important.


• before beginning the procedure vaporize your feet in hot water,

• warms hands by rubbing, right hand put on the foot on top and left under it and rubbing performed a warm-up movement,

• using the handle of a comb, stimulate the point unchuan (located slightly above the middle of the foot, see picture).

If this procedure is done regularly, the quality of sleep will improve dramatically. In addition, the impact on the foot activates the internal organs, helps to cope with fatigue and overwork.

From the position of Chinese medicine, all seven methods that are described here, harmonize Yin and Yang, restore the conductivity of the meridians, the body is filled with vitality. For us it is important that these simple exercises can help us in the important task: to preserve and strengthen health, prevent many diseases, to achieve longevity. published

Author: Julia Badmaeva

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