Fengshui principles that will help to find each thing its place

Proponents of feng shui believe that you can create harmony in living space by controlling power flows, maintaining a balance between the yin and yang ... defining for each item put it mesto.Sayt tells about the main principles of fengshui that tell you how it works.


The principle of qi. The universe is permeated by the energy of qi ("life energy", "wind"): it is there in the air, water, land, man. It may be beneficial (Shen-chi) and malware (Sha Qi). The first moves slowly and tortuously, the second - in a straight line, tends to stagnate.

The beneficial qi occurs in ponds, parks and gardens in the hilly terrain. Toxic Qi - in narrow spaces with sharp corners have been added roads and flyovers. Once in the room, it destroys fertile qi.

The principle of yin and yang. of the universe is controlled by two complementary first principles: yin and yang - male and female, dark and light, active and passive, sour and sweet. They "include" or stop qi.

The predominance of yang in the apartment leads to overstimulation, the predominance of yin - to fatigue. Each item can be attributed to the yin (dark colors objects, low, fixed, cold, calm, rounded) or yang (light-colored objects, high, warm, loud, sharp lines).

The principle of the five elements. The universe consists of five elements: water, earth, wood, fire and metal. Each piece of our interior belongs to this or that element. It is important to put them in space, so that the energy moving around the room is charged a certain area of ​​life success.

In addition, the room can be divided into eight zones along the sides of light. Each sector meet their colors, shapes, objects, material type, symbolizing a particular element:

Fire - south (fame and recognition). The red color, triangular objects, zigzags, luminous objects (candles, fireplace). It is recommended to place certificates, diplomas, things that are associated with the professional achievements. Earth - Northeast (training, knowledge), southwest (love). Yellow, beige, brown, rectangular shapes, clay materials. The area should be well lighted. In the sector of "love" can put a wedding, family photographs, and ceramics. In the area of ​​"learning knowledge" to place the desk, library. Metal - West (children and creativity), northwest (travel and assistants). White, silver, gold color, mirror, round objects. In the sector "Children and Art" is well put the baby pictures, toys, arrange a place for drawing and needlework; in the zone "and travel assistants" - Place the computer and phone, globe or map. Water - the north (career). The blue color and its shades, black, wavy shapes, objects without sharp corners, glass materials. For a successful career are advised to put an aquarium with fish, a decorative fountain, but no standing water. tree - east (Health), Southeast (wealth). All shades of green, wood, cardboard and paper items, rectangular shape, live plants, but not with thorns and prickles. In the area of ​​"health" it is recommended to keep family photos, but pictures of the dead. In the area of ​​"wealth" can put money tree (Crassula), keep the money or jewelry.

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