Karma and family

Each of us has a dual karma. One is our own track record of good and not so good. The other is the karma of the family we came from.

We came into this World not by chance, but according to cosmic laws. Space are interested in us, in our lives and in our successes. Living in the material world, we commit importance to humanity and to the entire Universe job. Accumulating the energy of his soul, we not only transform the space around them, but also work on the genetic program of patrimonial structures of humanity.

We are a part of the whole society of planet Earth, so the state of our soul depends the condition of society as a whole. The process of our personal spiritual development is at the same time, investing energy in the positive development of the evolutionary awakening of the soul and mind of all mankind. Directly and indirectly it is reflected in the fact that we are "cleaning" the karma of a sort. That is, we must (by birth) to solve the problems of their families, to help families accumulate the positive energy of the kind, freeing the next generation from generic diseases and karmic problems.

The race in which we came, interacts with us differently. One it is given as the guardian. The rod protects against adversity, helps in life, and guides and in difficult moments gives the strength. Means we something to deserve such support! Such roots must be preserved, inherited, multiplying force.
The other genus is given as a test. In overcoming the generic problems, and sometimes of a curse that on it lay, growing the soul, hardens, gains strength and thus cleans the roots, because the man himself — particle kind. Overcoming negativity in himself, he thereby purifies the genus as a whole.

That's the kind of hereditary alcoholics.
Much force must be applied to the son, to make a break in the tradition of generations and their child's inheritance was not to pass such a heavy karma.
Another kind is famous for his cruelty.
A distant ancestor was probably a criminal. Great-grandfather served in the tsarist gendarmerie dispersed the demonstrators in 1905, then was killed for his particular cruelty. Great — grandfather- KGB officer, died of cancer. Grandfather in 60-e years worked in bodies, were beaten by employees of a plant producing gold jewelry, to achieve recognition of the theft and thus cover a large theft. Father, today's middle-aged man, he made his fortune knows how. 15-year-old son of a seventh knee kind. The atonement of all sins. Neither the former power of muscles nor the rolling stock of intelligence, retarded, infantile young man, stunted and painful.
Everything in his appearance was protesting against the "glory" of their ancestors, assertive and aggressive. But, it turns out that the boy likes computer games with elements of violence and holds them so long that mom noticed: he has insomnia. Long sitting in the evening, plays, rests after midnight, falling asleep, groans, wakes up with headaches and recurrent pain in all parts of the body. Doctors can not help, the diagnosis is not installed. What's next?..

Either kind will die out as genetic dead-end line in the development of reasonable humanity, because the Divine mind is clearly not instilled in the family. Or in the psyche of a teenager, with the support of my mother, who, of course, also not accidentally came into this family, and competent people will be changed. Maybe his life will he be able to overcome difficult karma of the family will be able to convey to his son clean genetic line. This is possible only in one case: if the teenager has the will to appeal to the Mind, to God.

However, there are people who are very little dependent on the karma of a sort. Apparently, because they have a very serious personal problem and a difficult life's purpose according to his own karma. Such people leave the parental shelter, far from the house, quickly acquire autonomy and independence, even with close relatives maintain a very weak connection. They are often difficult road of life, and usually they are big complicated things.

And yet, whatever it was, if even a distant relative sends you a request, do not deny, do everything in your power. This is your generic structure, it will bear your children and grandchildren, depends on you, how clean, friendly and strong roots they will get.

However, this option is possible: Auntie, not having children of her own, said that her nephew was obliged to take care of her. She asks and requires to provide such services that he is simply not able to perform, because it works and because he has his own family. Aunt is offended, cries, reproaches. What to do? Single woman just "vampire". It is necessary to close.

Her nephew, of course, will do for her what he can but she needs more to rely on their strength, since men have their own direct, karmically closer to the problem, which for him had not been decided. In addition, it should not allow the vampires flourished in his family, infecting his abomination for the younger generation. The young need to see that "vampires" should be put in place, and not go on about them. Otherwise, the immature souls will want to live the life of a "vampire", because it is so comfortable and sweet to his whining to get you to solve your problem.

Unfortunately, too many people playing on feelings related willing destroy the morale of their loved ones and not even feel that have done no good. This is our life.

Relatives rarely possible equivalent to the energy exchange. Either we use their energy, or grant them their. Often the processed negatives of each other. It is sometimes necessary to close. And all of this is normal for this category of relations due to the specificity of ancestral energy processes.

Parents, brothers and sisters

Relations you have with our closest relatives — the most vivid indicator of your relationship to ancestral karma. If the family has several children, each of them can be your relationships with family and, consequently, your rate of communication with ancestral karma.

So arranged our world that one of the children may be a carrier of the karma of the father, the other — the karma of the mother, and the third remains clean of these debts.

The girl was given in marriage at age 15. The husband frequently was away from home, loved the noisy company, and died at an early age from diseases of the digestive system. The woman, fate, lonely and closed lived a life, raised three children.

One of them liked to drink and died in an alcoholic binge, inheriting the karma of the father. Another child has lived an active life, was a Director of a large plant, has achieved a lot in life, but inheriting the karma of the mother, felt constant loneliness, lack of understanding among families and employees, that severe injuries had placed on his heart. The only joy in life was seeing her mother, with whom he maintained close spiritual connection.

The third child, withdrawing from family, standing on an independent path, was a complete stranger. When the children gathered at mother's, it seemed that it does not hurt nor family talk or family photos and heirlooms. He didn't have anything to do with the karma of the family, though we did maintain good relations with the family.

Possible and a much more complex web of karmic lines of the family between brothers and sisters. Two daughters unable to bear the karma of the mother, and the father sends the pure genetic line of his grandson. Brother and sister inherit his father's problems, and the mother passes to her grandson his creative talents. Choices here as much as families in the world.

A supportive relationship between brothers and sisters, selfless and friendly — a great gift and priceless support given by the sky. But if relationships are bad and even very bad, let us not forget then that these are our brothers and sisters given to us from above. And whatever happens, we must humbly accept what is given to us. Be reasonable support for our loved ones is our karma, what we owed them somewhere and now give.

If the alcoholic brother asks for money to drink them, it is our duty not to give him all that we have, but to do everything to save him. But not against his will. Everything that is done against a person's will is evil.

If there was a spat between sisters and brothers, let us forgive our offenders, we deserve these insults, we may be more guilty in our mutual misunderstanding of each other. Give in and go to reconciliation is working out of karma of a sort. Practicing the karma will clear the way for our children and grandchildren.

No matter what happens in our relationship with parents — forgive them and ask forgiveness for what we do not understand them. Whatever it is, these people are given to us by God, therefore, we deserved it and should humbly accept what is given.

The boy child was beaten and abused, his sister was cared for and cherished. The children grew up. The girl, an adult, sat dependent on parents and continued to be his beloved daughter. The boy, becoming independent and well ensure yourself a man, was "bad" and "ungrateful". At the urging of relatives, he buys them an apartment, cottage and furniture. Once, when he was asked another sum of money, he said, "Everything! More I owe you nothing!" Since then, they never met and didn't even call each other.

No matter, as explained by a young man, why only yesterday he meekly complied slightest whim, and today "nothing should." It is important that his intuition and sensitive heart suggested that it is debt and it needs to be given, but it is given and the karma worked out, it is no longer for him nor for his growing children. May God grant us all to have such a sensitivity and such a will.

Every man is free. If you look at these individuals under the name of "your parents" and everything inside you resists and does not accept them, it may be wise to turn around and leave, to get away from the parents, whom you hate even to see. Perhaps it is their karma to be rejected by your own child.

This is a very serious decision, and you can take it only when you are sure you understand the karmic circumstances of their lives. But anyway, don't leave evil at heart, don't give offense, because you all deserve it once. Wish goodbye from the heart of health and happiness.

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