Generic karma is karma, transmitted by the nature of the father and mother. This karma of our ancestors 16 generations ago. It has a very strong influence on us. This information is transmitted with the "mother's milk".

If the current karma is easier to understand (through analysis of past actions that led to any results), then the generic is a little more complicated. The cause of a certain inclination, or the disease may have roots many generations ago. And to recognize this cause is very difficult, because it is our "blind spot" and brought into us genetically.

As expressed by ancestral karma:

1. A person has a congenital disease. The disease is found in his family and has a multiple character (the whole family and their parents wear glasses; everyone allergies, all members of the family fat and so on).
2. The old are not born girls or boys, and if you are born, you have a brief life.
3. Or, on the contrary, in the nature of men live to a certain age (eg 35 years) and die.
4. Different tendencies (example: Suicidal ideation, early use of strong drinks, etc.).
The list goes on.

As an example of ancestral karma can bring a case from our practice:

"A family. Have children. The characteristic mark shall, at the race - rat facial features. This heritage came two or three generations ago. They began to understand. It turns out that his great-grandfather (it does not matter on whose line) was a fierce fighter with poor sanitation. His profession was associated with the destruction of rats and other rodents. He devotes a lot of time.
The education of children inoculated thought form that rats - it is a disease, infection, death, etc.

Just imagine how furious were his beliefs and what hatred of the data entities that these traits began to appear on his heirs ?!

How does the - if we do something or someone does not love or hate (even enough to deny the existence of something or someone else) - it will appear in our lives Thicket and more. Why - so we can understand it and eventually fall in love (give right to exist).

When we got to the bottom of this reason (and the young people of this kind I had the same beliefs) and poked a finger into it - he understood and began to work on yourself. How well he realized the situation showed - he had a son, who did not have no damn rat on her face. He was just a normal kid. Moreover, at an early age the child begged my parents to have a pet. Do you think what? That's right, it was a domestic rat ยป.

This case clearly shows a direct link us and tribal karmic problems.

Of course, well, as in this example, when the event is not as critical and complex, and can be dealt with. All thanks to the fact that the beginning of "do not love" (no matter what), it was only two or three generations ago.

Another point. We hate those who drink spirits (for whatever reason does not matter) - we see them all the time. They will breathe fumes to us in transport, queues, etc. But! As soon as we understand it and begin to work with it (internally understand these people, forgive them, give them a chance to be, that is accepted) in one day, you will notice that these people disappear from your life.
Is it all stop drinking? No. Just these people no longer near you. You worked this karmic task.

All our actions and thoughts have a direct impact on our descendants.

If someone of the family committed suicide - the thought form will go by the nature and arise in the minds of the heirs. As stated above - 16 generations will be "infected" by this thought. In moments of depression or difficult moments in life, it will pop up in my head and remind yourself. If someone of the family will go to the occasion and do irreparable - again count 16 generations to come. The same is about the vices and weaknesses.

Why do we have to work out generic error?

Everything is interconnected. For the fact that a certain kind of gave us the opportunity to be born into it - we have to be grateful to him. It does not depend on how it is successful and pure, noble parents or not. We chose it - it suited us better than anyone else to solve our karmic problems. And when we came into incarnation, we were aware of the targets set and the conditions in which we are born.

Rehearsing ancestral karma, we thus commend their gratitude old. Not only did we clean and karma stops for us, that we also help long-gone from our family, which gave rise to this karma.

Take, for example, the family stream. Because my mother to bear a child to its detriment, its convenience, comfort, and often health - child helps parents cope with diseases until 7-8 years of age (taking the disease with the parents). Because of their destructive beliefs could ill mother, but instead the sick child (as the youngest of the family stream). This happens until the moment when power cord is not disconnected from the mother.

Do I need to dig into the causes of any generic karmic problems?

Of course. If it can help to understand the essence of the problem. If that is not possible (the case of bygone years and generations), then the question is no longer itself. In any case, the understanding of what kind of destruction is on a sort can help to understand and grasp the reason (even approximately) of its occurrence. And here already half a step to solve this problem.

That's why is important to work on yourself. If we do nothing - nothing will happen. We will live, how they lived, and to have to have.

Inner work is very important and has a huge impact on us, our lives, our families and our posterity, like our ancestors.

Love each other and go down a path that tells your heart. Let your kind of negative information stop you, and will be much more positive. Clean kind of depends primarily on you, your thinking and your actions.

Let your family be clear and harmonious.


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