Rod - a unified system of energy Shower, consisting in constant kinship from incarnation to incarnation. These souls are united by common challenges and common problems or generic scenarios. The task of the soul - the life work of the program "a plus" in order not to transmit to their descendants "in the red" (or as they say - ancestral curses) and thus save them from unnecessary hardship or misfortune.

When the system explicitly type in the world people fall, it suffers the whole race - expires. The loss can occur when children renounce their parents or vice versa, when parents decide to murder the children of the womb (in this case the responsibility of the mother and the father if he wished that death or worse - forced a woman to get rid of the baby).

Parents and children

We are all children of their parents. So, we have roots. A tree without roots dries up and is unable to grow and bear fruit. The same thing happens to a man. When we renounce their parents, we refuse to accept them, condemn, hate - thus we deprive ourselves of the future. Our attitude to the father affects the creativity, inspiration, the ability to control your reality, to be sincere and true feelings show. Accordingly, the failure of his father entails emotional restraint, the inability to enjoy life, to live in a state of inner freedom.

Drinking mother influences the development of logic, success in activities, career, financial success. Refusing to deny his mother from his material goods.

In addition, the relationship between the parents in childhood is formed on a subconscious level base model family. And as adults we unconsciously attract men like our dads and women like our mothers. So, boy, for whom my mother "ran", will look for a wife in the same caring woman. If the girl's father was stingy with emotions, she could fall in love only in the same clamped emotional man.

Father and daughter

Dad - this is the first man in a girl's life. Drinking father programmed its future relationship with her husband. This man should be stronger psychologically father, otherwise it will not be able to recognize it, to show reverence. Formed in the likeness of the image of his father built the relationship of a woman with her husband. Therefore, it is important to create a positive image. Here importance has to do with the mother to the father. As a girl my mother would take an example.

When his father as a child led by the daughter, it shows obedience, recognizes the authority of the father. And the same should happen in a relationship with a man, or a family doomed. A rare man to reconcile with his wife, which is not considered to be with him.

Mother and son

The same occurs in men. If the boy condemns his mother, he will be difficult to develop relationships with women. They subconsciously feel that sooner or later the man will start looking for flaws in it, and then build a harmonious relationship will be difficult.


Often the fate of women in the family has a similar scenario. They can not get married, or pull on his entire family, quarreling with his parents - various general topics. The task of each member of the family in this chain lead program plus the experience of ancestors.


As long as people meet, build relationships is not difficult: you have to be attentive to each other, help each other to be implemented to take into account the interests, spend time together, to pay compliments, giving another opportunity to do things you love, chat with friends, store loyalty and devotion, to be honest and sincere, open to express their feelings.

The task becomes more complicated when a joint life and children. Responsibilities, duties and expectations of getting more. According to statistics, a lot of couples divorce after the first year of life or within a year after giving birth.

In any case, it is important to remember that a husband and wife - best friends who have decided to live together, to build a family, because together more easily, more fun, or because they feel so confident.

In family life it is important to always look at the root of the problem, is sympathetic to each other. For any conflict is any pain, any intention to do better.

The woman, it is important to cultivate such qualities as compassion, patience, kindness, love and humility. Truly feminine qualities which give women the right state - so attractive to men.

"I do not get along" - this is not the reason for the divorce. Let's be honest. The reason is laziness or unwillingness to be a wise woman, to build a harmonious relationship. But a harmonious relationship - a titanic task. Departing from failed relationships impossible to get away from the problems as myself can not escape. Those problems will be encountered in the next. Our happiness is in our hands and we are able to create it.

From the book Xenia Silaeva "Slavic horoscope Rod"


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