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There are outer sanctuary of serenity, beauty nooks and quiet, where body and soul feel an inner peace that can not be broken. There go all tired and exhausted, take a break from the turmoil, worries and stress; everywhere they look for secret hideout, where at least for a short time, could get rid of the fuss, strife, rivalry and noise and get rid of the networks of the great illusion. And kind nature, feeling their pain and anguish, and responding to their needs trembling in his chest, spreads his arms and gently put them in his arms, comforting, giving comfort and strength. Because no matter whether they tracked it by making a conscious step or wandering aimlessly in each - and she knows for sure - stayed her soul, who called their children home, and they heard the call and followed him; and the heart of the great Mother Nature, protecting and listening, responding to subtle whisper of the weak and happily meets the strong and powerful. It gives each according to his needs and gives you a clear idea of ​​what should be the next step.

Look for these nooks, the sacred places, the sanctuary of nature to the human soul. Find them and live there, if required state and circumstances. Next to the refreshing coolness bearing waters under the majestic trees, illuminated by the sun or the light of the stars dotted the night sky from time to time undertake due steps. And let them talk to the silent power of your hearts. Merges with the rest of their execution entities like you merged with the Light that you inhale and exhale, and thus revives a battle of life and a new service to others. When you are calm and quiet listening, you listen more carefully, if you can not clearly hear every time the only sound that reaches your ears, - be your best Y. And then, wherever you are and wherever you go you will become one with the eternal silence, whatever the conditions of life are raging all around you rapidly.

Be your best self, and let no one disturb you, if you did not come in excitement. Be your best self, and then you shall have power and dominion over all things. Such is the mystery, sweet mystery of life outside strongholds. Therein lies also the secret of your inner sanctuary, and when you mix two of these secrets, you do not need to go anywhere, except to himself that unites all things and all not found expression that brings peace of mind balance, relaxation, strength and harmony, and that you yourself have to find and learn. No one can do it for you. And until such time as you will not find a sanctuary within yourself and do not save it, and you will not hear the quietest music, search the citadel of nature, and the heart of the great nature heal you and you will help. It is always open to those who seek it and likes it. And those who are looking for, be sure to find.

With love and compassion, I appeal to you from one of the inner sanctuary of life.

December 1, 1927 Your Father Hilarion


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