Thinner star mother: during and after pregnancy

Lose weight after 9 months of beautiful, marked by anticipation of the baby, it is possible and even necessary. Especially the stars, which immediately fall under the public interest, as an example for many people. Paparazzi closely following the first publication of the mothers of newborns, and therefore to fix who coped with the task for up to them is not a problem. Here are 17 mummies, which are faster and more noticeable than others resulted in shape after childbirth.

27-year-old Kristin Cavallari became a mother in May this year. Jackson (so called boy) was for the actress and her husband, football player Jay Cutler's second son, was born on the first 2 years ago. Three months after the second birth Kristin looks great and already being advertised items from his collection for Chinese Laundry on itself.

If one is given everything easy and simple, Jaime King can be called a real martyr, for whose son - a miracle sent by heaven. Before Jamie became pregnant, she had a five miscarriages, she underwent five courses of IVF and twenty-six cycles of artificial insemination, the majority of which were unsuccessful. 4 years later, she finally found a chance to become a mother, and in October 2013 gave birth to a son, James Knight Newman (births, according to King, were premature and lasted about a day). All this is somehow linked to the problems of juvenile Jamie (she suffered from drug and alcohol addiction), but as she blames herself, does not blame anybody.

Now, when everything is over, Jamie could not see enough to her child, and the women who give birth after 30, trying to take off her example and bring your body in order just the right way (with the last King has long goodbye). In the photo Jamie on Maui and this is her first appearance in a bikini after 8 months after the birth of her son.

Olivia Wilde gave birth to a baby Otis 20 April and ten days (May 1) was photographed with him in Soho. Olivia was lucky - she is almost recovered.

Kristen Bell after birth crumbs Lincoln lost weight gradually, and as time has shown, they are right. A little more than a year 34-year-old Kristen became pregnant for the second time.

Kristen Bell in Hawaii March 23, 2014, the year after the birth of first child

Fergie has always been actively involved in sports and the birth of a son Eccles did not prevent her to start training almost immediately after a happy choice. Photo left - during pregnancy photo on the right - a month after giving birth.

Kim Kardashian is very scrupulous in terms of its appearance. With the birth of her daughter North West (06/15/2013) has been two months, and so the paparazzi never once photographed his favorite. But sooner or later it had to happen - Kim hit the lenses of their cameras. Then on August 17, 2013, the reality TV star was heading to the funeral of her husband's grandfather Kanye West along with tiny North.

Many that day thought that in the hands of Kim - Doll

Favorite part of your own body always called Shakira belly, so it is not surprising that six months after birth it is perfectly flat. What do you like to always be the best.

Shakira and Gerard Pique in Hawaii in July 2013 (in January, the singer first became a mother, giving birth to her son Milan to 35 years)

In less than seven weeks after the birth of their daughter Everleigh, Jenna Devon Tatum returned to work on the series "Witches of East End". Black color, as we know, slender, but she Jenna put her hand to losing weight, eating only useful for themselves and for the child's food.

There are women who do not get better after pregnancy, but on the contrary, lose weight rapidly. It has long been proved that hormones may influence the metabolism, as in the one and the other side. Snooky, who always looked plump because of small stature, 9 months after childbirth become slim as a cypress.

Megan Fox, scored for the first pregnancy is only 10 kilograms, and dropped them quickly returned to familiar forms. Photoshop Esquire, of course, helped, but I do not think that it was used on a global scale, because Megan has always been a female sport.

Left - Megan and Brian Austin Green in Hawaii in 2012, the right - on the cover of Esquire Megan 5 months after the birth of Noah Shannon Green

For comparison Courtney Kardashian scored twice more - 20 pounds, though she is 10 centimeters below. Of course, six weeks after the birth of their daughter Penelope her figure did not look at 100, but in tight jeans, she still climbed and did not look so bad. Courtney is now pregnant again and her third child will be born in December.

And this is how the supermodel Gisele Bundchen looked after only 3 months after the birth of a daughter Vivian. Sport "to" no less important than the "after", so something relatively easy to model.

Alessandra Ambrosio two months after the birth of his son Noah, her second child:

How it blooms during pregnancy, just eye-catching!

Hilary Duff threw off the weight by attending boxing lessons. They helped her though, but to become thin as before it failed even to mid-2014.

Photo left - during pregnancy photo on the right - 4 months after the birth of his son Luke

Jennifer Garner appeared at the premiere of the Disney film "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" August 6, 2012, shortly before that - on February 27 - 42-year-old actress gave birth to her third child.

Beyonce somehow magically become old in a month after the birth of daughter Blue Ivy Carter. In tight crimson dress superstar husband attended a concert at Carnegie Hall.

Mariah Carey, who gave birth to twins, could not help, and told how the Jenny Craig diet lost weight by 14 kilograms. That would never have thought that thanks to a diet you can lose belly button ... Oh, great photoshop!


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