The history of Europe from Yanukovych

President Viktor Yanukovych said that Ukraine and Turkey can offer their understanding of the origins of European civilization. He said this, speaking at a joint panel with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during the forum "Yalta European Strategy┬╗.
"Our countries are where was once the cradle of Mediterranean civilization", - Yanukovych said.
According to him, "in ancient Smyrna - Izmir today one of the versions of researchers created his" Iliad "and" Odyssey "Homer", - Yanukovych said, making the accent on the first syllable in the word "Homer┬╗.
Yanukovych also said that "in the territory of modern Ukraine visited the legendary Hercules."
As you know, Hercules is one of the Greek myths, and its existence has never been confirmed by no one.
"Here in the majestic Hersonissos converged trade routes from the Scythians to the Greeks, and later in Rome. I cite these examples in order to show our geo-cultural potential ", - Yanukovych said.
"We can offer a history of the creation of modern Europe, his understanding of the origins and roots of European civilization", - said Yanukovych.

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