Sleeping pills from coma

Hypnotic helped South African Ayande Nkviana get out of the coma, which lasted for about seven years. In 2005 Nkviana got into a traffic accident in his car. The man received severe head injury.
Despite the care that has been provided to the victim, he remained in a coma.
On the appointment of a man sleeping pills insisted his wife Nomfando transmits medportal.
According to the woman, she read an article about the unusual properties of the drug on one of the websites. After that the woman bought a pack of sleeping pills and went to the doctor her husband.
Ayanda Nkviana received sleeping pills for five days. As a result, August 29, 2012 South African came out of the coma. He found his wife and said he wanted to see their son, who at the time of the accident was only two years.


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