He fell into a coma, woke genius!

Fatal joke

 - Here is such I had a stomach! - Alexander widely spreads his hands. - Do not believe? Well, look at the old photos. I do quintal weighed.

I looked and could not believe my eyes. A thin man (without the stomach!) Happily smiling:

 - And in English, except for "hello", he could not say anything. On the piano in his life did not play. I lived all.

Alexander Volchenko sits down at the piano and begins to sing good English. Poetry and music - of his own: "I never thought I would have to give interviews. Normal family, your business, and no craving for art ».

 - The house was always full of guests. My husband loved the noisy feast on kebabs and exits of the city - says the wife Volchenko Marina.

Two years ago, on this outing friends decided to play a trick on Alexander. Someone slipped him a cup of coffee Antipohmelin - wanted to test the response. The response was unexpected. Alexander fell to the ground, like an ax head was.

Although rock, even jazz

 - I was terrified. Pulse of the husband is not detectable, and "fast" is not all went - says Marina.

The mother-in-law brought a sense of Alexander - massaged his ears. By the arrival of doctors - in half an hour - the man had regained consciousness but could not speak or move his arms and legs. I do not remember what happened to him.

 - When the doctors said that I was clinically dead, I do not believe - Alexander laughs. - But I felt that a lot has changed in me. The very next day I madly wanted to play the piano. I never studied music and musical literacy nobody ever knew. I am seen and heard only as a daughter, a student at the Art Institute, it does. And then he sat down at the piano and picked up a book from the Russian poetry ... I look at the verses, but my head is already spinning melody. And your fingers on the keys as a ran ... So it all started.

The level of performance has increased from him for a few weeks. It is not clear where there was also playing technique, a voice rang out, although I hesitate to even Volchenko drinking songs tighten in the family circle. And then suddenly ...
 - Yes, I can rock ... - modestly downcast eyes, lists Alexander. - The day compose a few songs on any poems in any style. Becoming the voice is still going.

And Alexander starts to sing ... a female voice. These are the times! And before a bass was a man ...

The first verse

Not all were happy metamorphosis occurring with my boyfriend. Reached scandals. Daughter Olesya initially did not understand the new hobby of his father. They even ... fighting over the instrument when my daughter needed to prepare for exams, and literally pushed her father and arranged concerts at home.

No sooner had the family recover from the initial shock, the risen relative presented a new surprise - spoke in English. He read a couple of months several textbooks and wrote the first verse in a foreign language.

Then Alexander began to change dramatically in appearance. He lost the need for food and sleep. He was rapidly losing weight, let hair. Now it weighs only 70 kg against the previous 105-something!

In Volgograd hearing about the unique singer raspolzsya quickly. Soon Alexander steel drum restaurants serve.

 - I am willing to listen to foreigners, my numbers were recorded on video, and then wondered where else I can hear. And I taught, talked freely with them - not without pride, he says.

The two men instead of one

For a couple of years, Alexander has written more than 200 songs. After such a creative break he scored his business. With former friends stopped talking. The relatives - and they can not take until the end of the new Sasha. Just ask his wife quietly that all her husband in order to have his head?

Doctors shrug, saying that after the coma, it happens. Ufology is Gennady Belimov sure that Alexander worked with aliens.

Perhaps the only one to accept and support the new Volga genius was his wife. Although Marina admits that it was not easy share.

 - I think I had two husbands. Moreover, different - she sighs. - At first its advantages: he was the master of the house, a well-earned. And the second - the talent.

 - And what is better? - I ask.

 -, It was easier. But this - interesting - meets Marina.

They were born again

After the electric shock peterburzhenka Hope Spiridonov I found that is able to remove the pain of the hands and do massage therapy. So the former dressmaker become a physician.

Willy Melnikov from Moscow, came out of the coma, spoke in tongues that have never taught. Today in his arsenal of 103 languages.

Inspector Rostov catering Emma Kaganskaya after a 4-minute coma began writing humorous songs, which Yevgeny Petrosyan included in its repertoire.


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