Hello, Auburn

By the evening it began to snow again. The wind picks up and carried the light fluffy snowflakes. Labrador, lying near an abandoned garage. Snow lay on a red coat and almost melted. The door to the basement, where he had lived before, was shut down three days ago, and had nowhere else to go. Yes, and I was exhausted. The last few days the dog did not eat, but hunger is not felt. There was only cold, very cold.

The dog could remember his name - Kai. He remembered his life in humans. I Remember, as owner walked with him, threw him a small ball, like a man whipped him on the nape and it was so nice that Kai Squinting in the fun. They walked together for a long time, and it was a happy time. When people went to work, the dog was sitting in the doorway waiting for him.

Happy, is in the house was a woman. It is unclear why, but she did not like Kai. He did not whine, did not ask for food, but simply waited for him to pay attention. He sat in a corner and waited. When the owner was not at home, woman avoided the dog as if she were afraid of contracting, not ironed, and not always fed. He talked about the Kae evenings while loudly shouting. The owner frowning, smoking and left the room without looking at the dog. Walking became shorter, they no longer play with the ball. The owner smoked two cigarettes and roughly yanking a dog leash, led home.

One evening, after a long row with the woman owner of Kaya planted in the car. Something disturbing was his mood, the dog is feeling, but not whined. We drove for a long time, and when it stopped, the man opened the car door, and the dog landed on the road. Lights flickered, the car took off. Kai ran down the dark road hard, knocking the legs and gasping for breath, but could not catch up with the car. For a long time lying on the roadside. He realized that they threw him, but I could not believe it. I do not believe that the left one. Cast.

Kai wandered around the city, but was not looking for a house Goodman. He got used to the idea that he does not become necessary. Street dogs chased, did not take a flock, and was removed from the people themselves. So he lived, wandering the streets in search of food. But then came the autumn, followed by the winter. The winter has been particularly difficult to find food. Kai lived in the basement, there was a heat of the pipes, but someone hung up on the door lock, and there was no longer there. The dog understood that I need somewhere to hide from the cold, but he did not want to.
Kai woke up from the noise. Nearby, in the yard, some people let fireworks and something joyful shouting, waving their arms and laughed. The dog closed his eyes again, he was not to have any work. He wanted to sleep, and the people made a noise so loud.

The girl, ten years old, came to an almost completely snow-dog unit tunes and bent over her. He has a warm hand in the face of Kai, and he did not understand why whined. He whined from the almost forgotten the warmth of human hands, and then there was darkness.

He had heard that someone else came up. Girl still stroked his head and said something had come up. He felt strong arms lifted him and carried him. But he had everything already anyway.

Kai came out of the heat and opened his eyes. He was in a strange apartment, lying on a soft blanket on the floor. To him came a strange woman and a girl, whom he had seen. I am seen only I do not remember where. Maybe in a dream. The woman leaned over him and held his hand over his hair is already dry. "Hey, Red," - she said, and smiled.



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