Coma after an accident. All deaths of luck.

Traumatic brain injury, severe fracture of the cranial vault, 21 days in a coma ... hard to believe that Alexander, who on the street. Pritytskogo in Minsk knocked minibus, all survived. However, this very courageous woman not only got out of a serious condition, learned to talk and walk again, but now also dances and even sits on the twine! She reiterates that he was in the lucky 10%. With a smile, our heroine to talk about such things that others can only recall with a shudder, and through her tears. It seems emblematic place amazing story of coming back to life in just a day. It really is a miracle.

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A reference point in this story was the January 11, 2013-th. Girl passes the final exam in the winter session of the Linguistic College at Moscow State Linguistic University, where she studied at the administrative assistant. The plans - to quickly get to the other and to go for a gift (birthday approaching mutual friend). Again, the role played by case: if the girl went home, then cross the road would not have to. But she had to be on the other side of street. Pritytskogo. Therefore, Alexander sent to the traffic lights ...
- The day I remember snatches. Here come out of college after the exam, then I go to move on the road send SMS-messages, share joy over the delivery of the session, come to the roadway, and then fail - it is difficult to believe that this charming girl in the beginning of the year is between life and death. Now nothing gives it the victim of an accident. Although she now admits: "For a long time I was in such a state that it is better for me was not to look».

What happened that Friday afternoon, we had to be judged by the first eyewitnesses. They said that at the pedestrian traffic lights went countdown, at some point he stopped, but the red light went on. According to the witness the accident, the girl at this moment entered the roadway. Then blow - and it is on the road. By the way, this is not an isolated case, when the countdown is confusing road users. This is due to the coordination of traffic lights when it is artificially interfere. It is because of such failures on the countdown to refuse planning.
At the site of the accident immediately stop several cars. Someone wraps the victim in a blanket. "ER" is coming quickly. Diagnosis sounds like a death sentence - "traumatic brain injury severe fracture of the cranial vault, closed bleeding, traumatic shock." Pull heavy days for parents of Alexandra, the first time they will not let his daughter. They'll see it only on the sixth day, with a tube inserted into his throat. Accidentally in the hallway to hear the conversation of doctors and relatives of the same patient: "Not a chance ... brain dead ... You're a couple of days." At this point, the emotions going through the roof.
A little later in resuscitation they say: "In 90% of cases after injuries such people are, to put it mildly incompetent, but your daughter was among the lucky 10%. She's strong, she will get out. " Medic was right. Exactly three weeks Woman successfully removed from the coma.
- They say that in this state people supposedly hear voices, they have some kind of vision. Doctors advise parents to talk to me, - says Alexander. - But I have nothing that was not - did not see or feel. As if asleep on January 11 and February 1 woke up. The first thing I heard - the voices of parents, "Sasha, Sasha ..." And I was lying like a newborn and just stared. I was told that I was hit by a car. How? After all, I always look around before you set foot on the road. I'm not crazy enough to jump out in front of the car! It was a shock.

If she remembered the letter, relatives, acquaintances? Yes, I remember. But sounds do not want to put into words. It turns out some ridiculous mooing. She understands, acknowledges wants to say, but it is impossible. At this moment it is difficult to imagine that in a few months the student will take exams and prepare for the final ball in college. Now fully recovered her speech.
- In the first days after I came out of the coma, my mother came up with this form of communication: if I want to say "yes", then just show language - continues our heroine. - Once she brought the usual alphabet and asked to lay down their word. The conditions were the same: it shows the letter, and I stuck out his tongue, if agree. Thus laid the word "pleased." I was glad that close to me. For me it was a huge fortune.

The real miracle was the dynamics of recovery. Within a few weeks of intensive care girl was transferred to a regular room, then to another hospital, then it was restored in Aksakovschina. At this point, Alexander could already speak, but was confined to a wheelchair. It was a difficult time understanding the problems: it will last forever? and then what? how will I live?
- Happy with me was my mother, she drove to the procedure, - says the girl. - And in the evening after work came his father, in the hallway, we were trying to do light exercise to the brain recalled movement. At first, the body does not listen - led me aside, I stumbled ... But February 27 was a miracle. I remember like it was yesterday. Dad was holding my waist while I was trying to walk. Then feel that he let me go, and I step and not fall. Father shouts, "You do go!" It was a holiday, we have turned out to be a joyful evening.
In an interview, Alexander comes on heels confident gait, as if there was nothing for the fragile shoulders of women - no tears, no pain or depression. All emotions faded, the tears dried, remained lust for life. "But I sobbed. I had tantrums - says our heroine. - While in Aksakovschina I stretched hands, they were twisted like a dinosaur. These are consequences of the coma.

So while I did not feel sorry procedures. On a scale of pain was 10 out of 10. But I returned to the hands. For a long time, however, still did not feel part of the right hand, it was like cotton. Could poke it with a needle or bring fire - nothing! But now touch almost recovered ».

There, in Aksakovschina, the girl happens to a nervous breakdown. They say it is a belated realization of what happened. Our heroine seems that she has because of injuries occurred irreversible consequences in rehab have to stay for a long time, and the parents do not want to talk about it. At night, she sleeps, thinks creep dangerous thoughts. Period ends despair suddenly sunny morning. Alexander realizes that the procedure should continue to fight for health, be strong ... In March, on the eve of the birth, she goes home. Two months after the accident! Doctors were surprised such a rapid recovery.

- But that was only the beginning. Had to go back to normal life. At first I was afraid of the city! - Says the girl. - After three months bezvylazno I was in hospital. Afraid of people, cars. It was a strange feeling of insecurity. Was not unusual to be in the room, not to see the walls. Some passers-by, some drivers, some minibuses ...
In late April, she makes the first independent tour after illness. Trolleybus seems somehow strange, as if it were from another planet transport. So the child learns the world around them. Something similar is the second time in her life and she is going through. However, the cycle of rapidly addictive. Then there were the final exams in college ball, successful entry into Moscow State Linguistic University (the second year), a trip to Europe with her parents.
Alexander finally decided to brave step - trying to get a job: "I got a call, and I somehow especially without thinking, agreed to become for a time as a cashier at the store. But the conditions were unbearable: 13-hour working day, it is very time-consuming process of manually set of goods and prices. I'm just blown away. It was a mistake ».
But returning to the dance school where she worked for a long time, it is encouraging. First, complex steps and exercises can not be obtained. Alexander is not fully owned by the body. But after a while the memory of former confidence back muscles. Our heroine again sits on the twine and ready for action.
About the Court said hurriedly, as if it did not matter: "For the first time the driver saw the end of May, before the meeting. Prior to that, he was not trying to meet. Before the trial approached, apologized ... As established in the investigative experiment, I did not have two or three seconds to get to the traffic island. The driver did not brake, although he could see me. He admitted his guilt. He was sentenced to three years of imprisonment and deprived of the rights for five years and required to pay damages of 50 million rubles ».

Once in the hospital, Alexander read the comments to the article about the accident in which she came. After that, she decided to tell what really happened. What this story, as well as for each such, there are real people. That the situation may not be as simple and obvious as it might seem at once.
Telling all this, our heroine is hard to believe, smiling. She claims that all my tears have wept. But there was a strong feeling that this optimism has helped the girl to stand up and return to normal life. At the end of our conversation, she admits: "What happened was not even a hint, and a direct message from above. A few months before the accident I just behaved badly: a passing fad, home is not seen, partying until dawn ... This day, January 11, everything stopped and changed ».




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