Vehicle Vice-Governor Alexei Sergeyev had an accident.

In an Internet video of the effects of an accident with the direct participation of the car from the garage of the Smolny. As the explanations given by an eyewitness, the accident occurred on the highway Moscow October 10 at about 11 am. The car was only the driver, the first thing to accept screw on license plates. The rooms, as you can see on the record, the figures are 005 rooms of series A *** AA with numbers from 001 to 015 are assigned to members of the government of St. Petersburg, and the "number five", according to unofficial information, the car belongs to the Vice-Governor Alexei Sergeyev.

It is noteworthy that the video was quickly removed from the portal RuTube, which originally appeared.

Alexey Sergeev responsible for addressing questions of urban management, housing policy of St. Petersburg, housing and communal services, upkeep and maintenance of roads, landscaping, transportation, communication in the part of the urban economy, energy, environmental management in terms of use of natural resources, and provides interaction Government of St. Petersburg with bodies and organizations working in this field.

Cars Audi A8, the city government purchased in 2008. Seventeen luxury cars cost 69 to 87 million rubles, that is, each worth about 4, 1 million rubles.

Among the requirements for vehicles in the competitive job indicates that they should be black pearlescent with a six-speed automatic transmission, eight-cylinder petrol engine in volume from 4100 to 4190 cubic centimeters, with double glazing, interior had to be trimmed material "Alcantara". The car had to have two LCD monitor with remote control built into the front headrests, system audio playback, 6 speakers and a powerful subwoofer changer DVD-ROM drive for 6 pieces, the seats with ventilation and electric adjustment of the length, height, tilt seat and back, as well as lumbar support, telephones with built-in «hands-free».

Cars of senior officials and members of St. Petersburg for the first time not get into an accident. In March, the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Lyudmila Kostkina got in an accident on Suvorov Avenue - the unregulated intersection with 7th Soviet suddenly popped "Mercedes". The driver of the government's "Audi", trying to avoid a collision with him, crashed into the "Lada».

In October 2007, in St. Petersburg, near the metro station "Moskovskaya" jeep from a government motorcade shot down a young man. Fortunately, he survived. According to the newspaper "Novye Izvestiya", accompanied by a SUV car of one of the senior government officials. In St. Petersburg traffic police refused to comment on the accident, referring to the fact that, most likely, at this track was not simple employees of the local traffic police, and there were representatives of the Federal Security Service.

The car of the motorcade escort the Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko in the same 2007 collided with the car traffic police on the square proletarian dictatorship. The most Matvienko at this point in the square were not. According to unofficial information machine, car maintenance has faced the governor belonged to the traffic police, but this version is not officially confirmed.

In January 2008, the vice-governor of the Leningrad region, Alexander Drozdenko injured in an accident in the Admiralty district of St. Petersburg. The driver of the vice-governor did not miss the car at the exit from the secondary road to home and collided. As a result of an accident, both the driver and the officer were hospitalized in the regional hospital with injuries of varying severity.

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vadim tulips in early September of last year on the way to meeting the Parliament got in an accident. On Bourse Tyulpanov Volvo collided at a tangent with another machine. The car has received virtually no damage. At the meeting the speaker is not too late. Nevertheless, at the Bourse of a traffic jam.

Today, a car with license plate A 005 AA 98, assigned to the vice-governor, moves around the city. "In the mind - it is exactly the same as on the video».
While in accordance with paragraph 40 of the Rules of registration of vehicles, registration plates issued to state specific vehicle, as well as a certificate of registration and certificate of the vehicle.


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