Caution: VIP Children! What ends accident with his son bureaucrats and oligarchs

One of the most discussed topics of the week was the "fire" accident in the center of Moscow with the participation of three cars, which burned supercar Ferrari. Some media reported that at the wheel of a sports car, taking off into the oncoming traffic, was 17-year-old son of billionaire Lev Leviev Forbes list - Thomas Leviev. In the photo below - the minor young man behind the wheel of another expensive car


Subsequently, however, a source at the company said the businessman, that this information is not true. While law enforcement agencies and the media dealt with in this story, the editors decided Anews remember what ended a number of recent high-profile accidents on Russian roads, the ratio of which had exactly the children of high-ranking officials and businessmen.

< accident in Volgograd

One of the most recent accident of this kind took place in Volgograd on October 7. However, unlike the case with Ferrari in the center of Moscow, in this accident killed the man - 20 year old student from Rostov-on-Don Vladislav Ivanov. The guy tried to cross the street on roller skates on a pedestrian crossing. A moment after Vladislav left the roadway, he was hit by flying at high speed SUV Toyota Land Cruiser.

On the scene of an accident the driver fled, and roller died from his injuries on the spot, without regaining consciousness before arrival of "first". Subsequently, law enforcement officers found the motorist escaped. They found 21-year-old son of the first deputy general director of "Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd" Nikolai Yakovlev Yakovlev Roman.

Roman Yakovlev in the courtroom. Photo from the personal archive of the deceased friend Olga Narsia

In an interview with the police, said the young man that went to the accident site because of a nasty fright.

SUV, driven by Roman Yakovlev

With regard to the son of "Gazprom" top manager instituted a criminal case on h. 3 tbsp. 264 (violation of traffic rules, which negligently caused human death).

< An accident with a biker in Moscow

in the city center this summer, 19-year-old son of the official's Department of Culture Galina Lupacheva Maxim car BMW stolknulsyas biker. As a result of hitting the motorcyclist was thrown a few meters - the road to the pavement. From his injuries man died. According to witnesses, hitting the motorcycle, the car did not stop.

Law enforcers detained the driver during operation "Interception". In an interview with the police a young man was adamant - completely denied guilt. According to him, the biker crashed into the iron railing and fell himself, since lost control.

< accident on Minsk, Moscow

In 2013, a fatal accident occurred on the streets of Minsk in the Russian capital. Ferrari car knocked down a 62-year-old pensioner. The pedestrian died from his injuries on the spot.

Behind the wheel of the car was 23-year-old Larion Vuokila, the eldest son of a major Russian businessman, co-owner of the agricultural holding "Rusagro" and former top manager of the "M-Video" Alexander Zajonc.

Larion Vuokila Nikulinsky court in Moscow. RIA Novosti / Konstantin Rodikov

With regard to the young man was a criminal case on violation of traffic rules, which negligently caused human death. July 12, 2013 the court sanctioned the arrest of the driver. However, freedom is not the son of a businessman lost.

Already on July 23, according to police, involved in the case were released on bail. And after a while the criminal case was closed and all of the reconciliation of the parties. According to some media reports, the deceased's family received from the son of a businessman compensation in the amount of 4 million rubles.

< accident in Irkutsk

The accident took place almost six years ago in Irkutsk, but discuss it until now. December 2, 2009 28-year-old daughter of the chairman of the Election Commission of the Irkutsk region Lyudmila Shavenkova Anna Shavenkova knocked down two pedestrians on the sidewalk - the sisters Elena and Julia Pyatkova. One of the women died, a second life doctors managed to save, but because of the injuries she was left disabled.

Since the accident scene motorist should not be covered, but also of special interest to women has not shown downed. Coming out of the car, Shavenkova inspected the damaged bumper, took cell phone and began to call her husband.

In March 2011, the court sentenced Shavenkova to 2, 5 years in a penal colony. However, he preferred to postpone the punishment of 14 years due to the fact that the defendant is the mother of the minor. By the way, the baby Anna was born shortly before the trial. Treatment of the injured party in the Supreme Court came to nothing lead - lower court decision remained the same

. However, luck unfortunate motorists Shavenkova light sentence and the postponement of its implementation is not limited. In 2015, who killed and injured pedestrians daughter of Irkutsk official it's been amnestied. Anna Shavenkova fell under an amnesty in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory.

In May 2015 the Russian Internet users collected more than 70,000 signatures for a retrial, but this initiative came to nothing lead. Commenting on the situation, the legislative committee of the State Duma amnesty Shavenkova called reasonable.

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