This explanatory witness an accident brought the cops to tears!

Traffic accidents are quite common today, and traffic police officers have grown accustomed to a variety of accidents and their consequences. They are almost impossible to surprise and nothing getting through. However, the consequences of an accident literally startled the entire area. The reason was witty explanatory, written by one of the witnesses of the accident, and, of course, the events leading up to it.

Edition brings the text of this masterpiece, missing some of the details of the names of participants of accidents and numbers of affected vehicles. It is necessary to read all!

I went to the side Krasnoarmeysky Avenue on his scooter Gilera Fuoco 500. strictly follow the traffic rules and closely monitor the traffic situation. i>

At the intersection with Berounskoy street unexpectedly for me and other participants in traffic at a red light left black car Hummer without a specific number. I just noticed the danger and to avoid the accident was forced to leave during braking into the oncoming lane, where he stayed on the sidelines. I>

In carrying out this maneuver, I heard behind me the sound of the bounce. Turning back I see that Hummer rammed following me in one direction car brand Suzuki. Due to the strike at Suzuki Jimny almost completely torn off the hood. Behind the wheel of Suzuki Jimny was a girl, and I went to give her first aid. I>

Also in the car, I saw the back seat a child in a child seat. I opened the trunk of the victim machine and through it produced a baby (a boy about four years old). At the same time out of the trunk, I drew a warning triangle and set it on the road. Then I helped the girl get out, the driver through the window of the driver's door. I>

Making sure that the girl child is not injured, he accompanied both of them to the sidelines. Next stop the car Mitsubishi Airtrek, and I asked his driver to call the traffic police and an ambulance. i>

Then I went to the car Hummer to ascertain whether it did not need the help of the passengers. In the open window, I saw two people. They had dark skin, curly black hair and a distinctive appearance, which has prompted the idea that these people have come here from the southern regions. So I assumed that the car drove stray Spanish tourists. I know Spanish as a child lived in Madrid, where the embassy my father worked. Therefore, I decided to inquire at the southern Spanish guests a clean, whether they pay attention to the red light: «Al huele pido rosa?» B>. i>

The driver Hummer in answer to my question decided to hit me with his left hand to the head through the open window. But since the time I never took a motorcycle helmet, the blow fell on him. This may explain the fracture of four fingers on his left hand. After that, the driver jumped out and hit me with his right hand a second blow to the area of ​​the head. That's what I can not explain it further fracture in the radius. I>

After the driver jumped out of the car Hummer second passenger and stabbed me in some heavy object on the back. It did not cause me damage as a jacket on me was wearing motozaschita, known as the "turtle". I did not come with the attackers in contact combat, but only gently put it on the tarmac and waited for the arrival of traffic police. A broken nose and jaw passenger "Hammer" can be explained only by the fact that at the time of the accident he was in the car a restraint and airbag on impact for some reason, have not worked. So that a person injured on the front panel of the car. I>

about breaking certification assistant deputy Makhachkala Council can not tell anything, because I was of him is not known. Just as I do not have a clue how it could be in the mouth and esophagus, the driver of the car Hummer. I>

About the accident scene gathered around a group of citizens on motorcycles and scooters can not tell anything, because he saw them for the first time. i>

Also, nothing can not explain the fact that someone cut all-wheel drive vehicle Hummer, broke all the windows, slashed leather interior, holed scrap the roof, and on top of the same scrap final reversal has damaged the hood and has crippled engine. For these events, I have not the faintest relationships. I>

The truth of my words can confirm witnesses and participants of the accident, for example, car drivers and Mitsubishi Airtrek Suzuki Jimny. i>

Yeah, character, endurance and a sense of humor this guy can only kindly envy. We could do with people like him! If you are imbued with spiritual explanatory written in, you will certainly tell this story to your friends.

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