Fun fact of the day: Named the best sleeping pill

On March 15, the International Day of Sleep. The World Health Organization is seriously concerned about sleep problems in many people. But it turns out, the best sleeping pill is by our side.
World Sleep Day is celebrated March 15 /
Scientists have told us how to sleep residents of large cities. To get rid of insomnia, it is enough to observe a few simple rules. Physicians are advised to complete all the important affairs of the evening, not to put a pillow next to cell phones, and not to play computer games in bed.

On average, a third of your life man holds in his sleep. "It is proved that the people who are missing a night's sleep, often suffer from the so-called psychosomatic diseases, an important role in the development of which is the state of psychic sphere, is, for example, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, hypertension, asthma," - said Associate Professor Department of Nervous Diseases I Moscow State Medical University. THEM. Michael Sechenov Polouektov.

To quickly go to sleep, "it is not necessary to use activating drink, smoke before going to sleep, to load itself physical or mental activity, if performed these simple rules, then sleep improves by at least 10%", - said Polouektov.

According to the doctor before going to bed you should not overeat, but you can eat something light. It is proved that foods containing carbohydrates (sweet and bakery products) contribute to falling asleep, he added.

Often people resort to drugs to sleep. Hypnotics are shown in certain situations. For example, under stress, when people can not sleep because of the fact that his nervous system is very upset, sleeping pills has a beneficial effect, protects sleep. However, if you take the medicine at the so-called chronic insomnia, it does not solve the problem. "As long as a person drinks a sleeping pill, he was asleep, she stops drinking - stop to sleep, but it also drives himself to the so-called drug dependence, where the normal dose of the drug is not helping him to sleep" - warned Polouektov.


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