Netherlands - interesting facts

The official name of the country is "the Netherlands", but the world wide spread compared to the whole state received the name of provinces of "Holland".

The height of the average male is 184 cm, and women 170 cm, is an interesting fact.

Scientists say that the cause in DNA, nutrition and financial well-being, while others say it is due to their copious consumption of dairy products.

In the Netherlands there are over 18 million bicycles in a population of 16.8 million.

The Netherlands is one of the six founding members of the European Union.

Interesting fact: the drink gin was invented in the Netherlands under the name of Jenever. At the end of the XVI century it was widely used as medicine.

Dutch explorers first discovered Australia and New Zealand in the seventeenth century. Australia was called New Holland. New Zealand was named after Zeeland. Tasmania was named after the Explorer Abel Tasman.

The law upholds the right of preservation and cultivation of soft drugs (cannabis) for personal use.

Interesting fact: historically, the Dutch are not fond of tourists from Germany, because during the war, German troops took the bike from the population to prevent possible reconnaissance and guerrilla movement. The most popular joke to do so is to chant "Bring back our bikes!".

The highest point of the Netherlands is a hill, Walserberg. Her Height is 322 m. It is located in the South-Eastern part of the country in the province of Limburg.

Since the soil of Amsterdam consists of a thick layer of fen and clay, all buildings are built on wooden 11 foot poles that stand on the sandy layer, is an interesting fact.

The Royal Palace at Dam square is built on 13 659 wooden poles.

Tulips never grew in the Netherlands. The first Tulip bulbs were imported from Turkey in 1599. Since it was started in the country Tulip fever.

Every resident drinks on average 74 litres of beer a year.

Rembrandt van Rijn — the Dutchman, one of the greatest artists of Western art history.

Interesting fact: 86% of the Dutch population is fluent in English.

Netherlands is the largest exporter of beer in the world! Every year, more than 1.3 billion liters is exported abroad. Half of all products sent to the United States.

Residents of the Netherlands second in the world after the Scandinavians, coffee lovers. They drink an average of no less than 140 liters of coffee a year, which is 3.2 cups per day in fact!

In the Netherlands there are 1180 windmills.

The Netherlands has the highest level of foreign direct investment per capita in the world.

The Dutch government legalized same-sex marriage in 2001 and euthanasia in 2002.

Interesting fact: during the Dutch colonization of new York was called New Amsterdam. Today, many places in new York still have a Dutch origin.

The Dutch national anthem "Wilhelmus" is the oldest in the world. It was written and first used in 1568, is an interesting fact.

The national flag of the Netherlands dates from 1572 and is also the oldest tricolor flag

The average Dutchman for day rides 2.5 km a day.

Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands. The name of the city comes from the river Amstel, which is located in Amsterdam. Every year the city is visited by 4.2 million tourists from all over the world — interesting fact.

Only 3% of the Dutch population is employed in agriculture.

The first stock exchange was opened in the early seventeenth century.

Cheese-making was invented in the Netherlands.

Sinterklaas — the Dutch Santa Claus.

Interesting fact: prostitution is legalized activity. Its members pay taxes and receive wages on par with workers of other professions.

Herring is one of the favorite foods.

About 40% of the population do not believe in God. Most believers — Protestants and Catholics.

In the Netherlands it is normal if a man and a woman are cohabiting and raising children together, is an interesting fact.

The average cost of obligatory medical insurance about 100 Euro.

Alcoholic beverages you can drink already with 16 years.

The most popular sport in the Netherlands is football.


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