Interesting facts about the railroad

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Every year in Russia by rail are 1.3 billion passengers. That is, every resident of Russia in year 9 times take the train. However, this figure is not the limit. In the USSR, for each person accounted for 15 trips by train.

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The longest railway considered Trans-Siberian Railway, which has a length of about 9300 kilometers.

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Median station Trans called "Half". From her to Moscow to Vladivostok and the same distance.

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The first railway was opened between St. Petersburg and Moscow, and the first three days of transportation free of charge. Simply no one wanted to ride on such uncharted pieces, like a train.

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Want to work in the Railways, Walk in the Railway Institute in Krasnoyarsk.

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France has banned kissing at railway stations, as it is often the cause of the delay of trains. The law has been in 100 years, and still no one cancels.

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Iron dorogaIzvestno that the lineman who checks the condition of the wheels of the train, sensitive ear for music. After all, they have to identify defects in the wheel to change the tone of a knock.

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In one of the trains that traveled in western Peru, Guides provide its passengers with oxygen tanks. The fact that the train travels at the highest railway in the world, which is located at a height of about three kilometers.

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Once in the United States, in Ohio, the train collided with the steamer. Lake Ohio at the moment overflowed, and the railway fell into the water column meter. The driver, however, still decided to go across the river, well, his way was blocked by a steamer.

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In Bavaria, in 1910, an order was issued on behalf of the local authorities, which forbade drinking beer machinists and stokers during stops.

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In Argentina, it is possible to take a ride on the famous train "Patagonia - Express," has experienced in his time robbery of the century. Tourists who choose to ride on the train, not only can enjoy the scenery outside the window, but could not help to take part in the planned performance, simulates the actual train robbery.
Interesting fact №12

For several years, there was a rail route, "Paris-Venice", which cruised special "Love Train." In a compartment of the train was organized by a special service. At the disposal of the passengers was a TV, a shower, and a special sleeping berth for two persons.

Interesting fact №13

Once in Switzerland, organized a tour by train, which was all the high society of the Swiss society: officials, honorable citizens, politicians, etc. On this occasion, the entire train was made up of the restaurant cars. However, the organizers of this festival does not take into account the fact that in the dining car in Switzerland is no toilet. As a result, when the train reached the destination, passengers hopped out of the cars, surprising all citizens had gathered to welcome the guests of honor.


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