A victory over Irina Skvortsov

Four years ago, the athlete received injuries incompatible with life, and in February 2014 she opened the Olympic Games in Sochi with President Putin.

November 23, 2009 during training runs - three days before the European Cup - on the bobsleigh track in Koenigssee (Germany) was a tragedy. Due to an error the judge men's crew at full speed crashed into which started a little earlier female crew with 21-year-old Irina Skvortsova. All remained intact, except for Irene, who was injured, "incompatible with life". Irina urgently taken to a local hospital and then to the clinic in Munich. The girl died from a painful shock or blood loss (in total then it poured 24 liters of blood), doctors and a half months brought her into a state of artificial coma. Four months later, Irina was transferred to a rehabilitation center. During the ten months spent in Germany, she underwent more than 50 operations.

A year ago, Irina got rid of the wheelchair. Now she walks with crutches, she drives a car to work on telejournalist RTR, and also became the invited guests at the Olympics Sochi 2014.
Below - her story about the past four years.
I do not remember the accident. I remember only as laid down in a bean in November 2009, and woke up on January 13 next year. What went as encountered brain struck out.
All my old life - like a dream. Sometimes even doubt: is it really once walked, ran, danced? Although clearly remember those feelings. When I came out of the coma, the scariest thought is not what I'm lying in the tubes in intensive care, and I slept for the New Year! As it is, I had so many plans, and I overslept! Doctors did not immediately told me that with me. I gradually metered received information. Until April - have not yet begun rehabilitation - seriously thought I'd be back in a bobsled. I lived it, so probably not killed herself. I have had an incentive: left four years before the Olympics - is sacred for athletes. I plan everything: two years of recovery, two - to prepare. The doctors asked: "And I will be able to raise the bar, the former weight?" They looked at me in surprise and went on otveta.Posle accident intact I were only the head (not including concussions), hands and chest. Below - all mangled. And even today, if I happen to see myself in the mirror, the roar. The apartment, by the way, I got rid of all the mirrors. After a coma all we had to start from scratch. I learned to breathe again. With the respirator is easy to operate at full.
And then - again! - Disconnect. And we need the most, and not the strength. Eyes yelling: "Reconnect, choke!" About the pain I do not want to talk. Painkillers initially given every hour, and then - at least, not to cause addiction. Anesthesia acted in just 20 minutes, the other 40 I writhed in pain - constant and dull, and acute neprohodyaschey.Lezha in intensive care, I was angry at God for a long time: "For what? Why me? Yes, it would be better not have survived in this accident, why do I need this life! "I still can not answer these questions. Although it is said that God sends only that person can survive ... Over time, the anger was, with only humility. The only thing that kept me from suicide, is the fact that the spine was intact and that the leg was saved. Otherwise, would not survive, would find a way to commit suicide right there in reanimatsii.V April 2010 I moved to a rehabilitation center. Continued to learn to walk. Before you take a step, worked through his head: "This is now put my foot here, and move the hands like this." A very long time to get used to.
And once dropped a pebble - leg gone, and do nothing I could. That's when we realized that the sport is over - and it was katastrofa.Vse my dreams, everything that I wanted to twenty-one years of my life, torn and thrown away. Run - can not skate - can not jump - do not. Heels and skirts, which I loved so much - too never. A live-then what? I sat in a wheelchair, cried and nothing more global not planned.
Immediate objectives were now up to six months. The first - to get out of the stroller. Yes, the foot does not feel the foot does not move, but the bone is, the focus is. Ok, then I will train. I went myself to move, to wash. Fell, but still repeated. At least half an hour it was necessary to promozgovat scheme and get into the bath, for example. And another forty minutes trying to figure out how to get out of a wet bath.
And like something already happened, when suddenly - bam! - Operation, then again, exceptional. And all from scratch. For a few weeks is eliminated from the system, muscles and forget all that re-learned. I went on a month. Have not talked to doctors, answering all questions «I do not understand», turned away. Not washed his head, did not want to, stared series, even in the social network did not come.
And then came to the aid of psychologists. I used as many probably think that a psychologist - a psychiatrist and I do not need it. And now I know that it is impossible to share all the pain with family or friends. A psychologist helps to talk. It is neutral, it does not matter who ty.Zhurnalisty quickly hung a label on me, "She's strong." But I'm not strong, it's just a mask - put on and go. I keep saying: "Smile, it's all annoying." I know that I have discussed behind their backs, saying that it gave the apartment, the car is, on TV name, money for treatment received, and all her little, all somewhere climbs. And I do not climb. Neither one interview I did not ask and did not work pleaded vzyat.I help, I do not ask. If the cork - go on crutches on the subway. When you do not have a car, moved by tram, buses. In transport, I never ask to give way, because then get even harder than sit. Usually, I stand at the door and watched as I scanned. In Germany, even if you will pass without a head, will not stare. And we have, if any flaw immediately treated. Very unpleasant.
But sometimes in another way: the food in the subway, the mood at zero, and is suitable suddenly a guy or girl, "You Irina? You can take a picture with you? "And - I smile from ear to ear all day charge radosti.V wheelchair I do would not sit down.
My next task - to do without crutches. Last year I got a driver's license. At first I did not take a long time in any driving school, then the instructor did not know how to teach me. Foot right foot, I do not feel operates one left. But nothing, get used.

Take exams without cronyism, to be honest. Get the right, the next day went out of town for mashine.Seychas me 25 years, and more than anything I want to get married and have a baby. The more that doctors say that birth by caesarean section I smogu.Bez sport I - anywhere.
Now I study at the Pedagogical Institute of Physical Education (PIFK) a master's degree, chose the specialty "sports psychologist." I'm interested. And I know from experience how important psychology in stressful situations.



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