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- Well, my friend, how are you?
- Yes, like a fairy tale. So far, so terrible.
We each started with a meeting of this dialogue. Still, Max eerie optimist. Tugovat little too kind, a child was known as a botanist. He was not a particularly coward, but conflicts avoided. Too soft. In general, out of this world, but it has a good feature - my friend never discouraged. I poured the tea, and then Maxim looked at his mug, smiling through the pain to himself.
- You know, - he said - and it all started with the tea.
- What is it?
- Okay, let's order - he comfortably sat on cushions, coughed, caught his breath and took a leisurely story.
Do you remember when I was working, after changing constantly slept like a log? It came the day tired, zadolbali. Even a new apartment, which entered the third day, exchanging a parent, is not happy. I wanted only to sleep. Prodromou until midnight. I after severe changes often it happens. Even the door is not always covered. You sometimes come, cursing.
I woke up to the sound of footsteps. Eyes open laziness, thought you'd come say, "Put the kettle, please." In response to a woman's voice: "All right." The brain is not yet fully awake, so that the presence of women has caused shock.
Finally woke up, I went into the kitchen. It was operating with sandwiches lovely girl is very strange. But the beauty here is not important. As it is generally entered here?
- Who are you? - The only thing I blurted out.
- I live here.
- Wait a minute, this is where I live - I am almost recovered himself. - This apartment is bought three weeks ago, so it must disappoint you.
- Ah, there it is, - she sat down, her dress. Only then my eye caught something that was not just me alert, and enter into a stupor. Brown stains on a blue dress and cuts on his hands.
As if nothing had happened, she continued:
- I think, where did she nervous psychopath?
- By the way, worthy women - I considered it my duty to stand up. - She even sold me an apartment at bargain prices, and helped with the documents.
- Clearly, - overnight guests nodded. - Like the rest of the owners.
- I do not understand ...
- You looked at the documents? Here, with more than ninety-five years no one lives. Since then, my mother sold the apartment. Yet forty days had passed.
- Forty days after that? - No, the phrase "forty days" gives me only one association. Kissel, kutia, borscht. But as the funeral associated with this strange woman?
- With my death.
You know, bro, we sometimes joke about the escape into another world, but at the moment I'm afraid. Yes, what's scared! I just do not put in your pants! I felt lifted every hair on my body. Take a look yourself. Dress in blood, his hands are cut instead of irises black spots, like the pupils flowed. And here is a miracle Yudo claims about his death. No reason, of course, brought the assumption of a madhouse, but that's part of the spinal cord below the waist, persistently screamed otherwise.
- Listen, you just do not take offense, but you are not in a cemetery, you should be in Durkee.
Girl looked thoughtfully:
- Do not believe me?
- Blee-and-in - the fear gave way to irritation. - Pretend to you in the apartment comes the unknown, makes tea, making sandwiches, by the way, very tasty - I nodded at the plate - and said that he was the dead!
- Look, - she stretched out her hand, and a knife, standing on the other table, stuck in the wall above my head. Immediately the other hand reached through the wall and pulled out a cell phone in the hall tables.
- All, all, enough - I waved my hands - I believe. And then you still defeated the apartment.
Breathing a little filched. In front of me I sat a real ghost and peacefully drank tea with me. Or sitting. Ghost sat, uh ...
- And how will a ghost in the feminine?
She shrugged:
- I do not know. You can call me Irina.
I kissed the cold, slightly tense arm.
- Very nice, Maxim. Irina, you are immaterial. Do you drink tea?
- Silently and with pleasure. I do a lot with pleasure.
We drank tea and talked. Irina appeared interesting, nice girl. You know, Andrei, I say? Ghosts are very voracious. Especially women. Judge for yourself. You can eat and not gain weight. One is bad. Choosing clothes is limited, and people do not appreciate their beauty. Somehow, waking up at night and seeing the girl hovering billowing shroud, a man instead of a compliment, starts screaming, running, rolling his eyes wildly, and baptized. A poltergeists even talk to no one. All this I said Irina. My request to put the kettle brought her into a stupor. According to the script, I had to open my eyes to escape, and the next day an ad for the sale of apartments. Usually it all home, and do. But I am a poor ghost lured plans. In the morning terribly I did not want her to go, but the sun shines only alive. The guest promised that in the winter we will see more, kissed me on the cheek and disappeared.
In the evening I cooked his specialty pancakes, covered them with a lid and left a note. I really wanted to see Irishku once more, but it was necessary to sleep off before changing.
In the morning I was awakened by the aromas wafting from the kitchen. All the dishes were washed up on the table were bottles of cutlets and pyureshkoy. Dude, it was so awesome!
So we began to live with a ghost Irina. When I was on shift or sleeping at night, she hosted the apartment. This Brownie with the kindest smile in the world. I baked her favorite pancakes, said the night of his life and work.
After three months from the time we met at the beloved's birthday. I wanted to give her a new fashionable clothes, jewelry, but in time learned one thing. Ira could not wear anything but dresses, which died of clothes in which she was buried, and the white shroud. For his birthday, the day of death and the day of our acquaintance, I bought various goodies, I bring flowers. However, the favorite offended if a bouquet was an odd number. Say, three roses give only alive.
But honestly, black humor - only drawback. Judge for yourself: expensive phones, dresses and jewelry is not necessary; prepares perfectly; no nags; head does not hurt, if you know what I mean. Yes, sex is also engaged in ghosts. And do not ask how. I quote: "Do not be silent, but with pleasure».
From the moment we met I was about a year. Gradually, I learned that ninety-fifth year, when I was in seventh grade, my favorite, then a twenty-year girl raped by thugs and left in the bushes. Unable to bear the shame, Irene cut her veins and dipped his hands in a bucket of hot water. End bit predictable. She died. Suicides do not accept any heaven or hell, and they hang out till Doomsday in our three dimensions. Someone strong enough to leave the coffin and live independently of the body, someone can visit a place on the night of his death, but most left to rot along with the corpse. Suitsidniki themselves, as a rule, weak people, and that's still there, under the ground, unable to overcome physics.
Upcoming birthday favorite. No signs of trouble. We sat in front of the television, watched a movie and drank champagne, when Irina screamed wildly.
- What happened? - I looked into the face distorted with pain and did not know what to do. - Where does it hurt?
- All! Everything hurts!!! Beloved, help !!!
- What happened ?! How do you help?
- Third Sector! Twenty-fifth the grave! Faster !!!
I know that the dead do not sweat. She gasped in pain and perspiration on his forehead.
Fingers gently pressed the alarm stage flashed before my eyes. Within a minute I'm on a hundred and fifty sped toward the cemetery. Fortunately, they have one.
The guard jumped on my mat with a tire iron, ready to repel any attack.
- Father, the third sector, the twenty-fifth tomb! Quickly !!!
- At night, the cemetery is closed - said the bearded grandfather. - Come back tomorrow.
- Five thousand! Only faster!
- Okay, let's go. Divorced loonies ...
Reaching into the pocket of a red bearded bill, I got out of the car and we went to bat. The desired grave could be seen from afar. It burned a fire and danced around juvenile freaks. Bro, you know, my credo - the ability to negotiate, but then I could not resist. Batting first, I just carried on my body and the way I was deeply do not care what this creature female. Among geeks are no women. They geeks, period. The second blow, I broke the leg bony freak sixteen years old. The other three come to their senses. Daubed heifer took a penknife, healthy akselerat, playing chain approached me, and skinny asexual schmuck in a dark hood came with a stake at the ready. Here I ochkanul in earnest. But behind them I burned the tomb of my beloved. Drove assholes do not regret it. The battle took Dzyadok with a tire iron. Unnoticed, a disabled flashlight, he crept behind them and slammed bostrichidae head. My bit has gone on long arc, knocking the knife from the hands of girls, as a fist - akseleratov direct blow to the nose. Lucky. The boy passed out with a single blow. I quickly scattered fire Satanists moaning softly. We saved the surprise factor. The two take five - this is possible only in fairy tales.
- We will find you, bitch - it woke overgrown. Bostrichidae carried away the girl. Boney was himself.
- Zavaritskii five, ninety-eight apartment - my voice was full of threats.
- And here I am almost every night. Nikifor-Petrovic ask.
We silently purified grandfather's grave, the monument was washed from sazhy.
- And who are you going to Irina? - Said Petrovich, when we wiped off the monument.
What do I reply? You see, I am living with a ghost, and she for no apparent reason it hurt.
- Nephew - I hate lying.
- Oh, no tryndi a minute. Ira is one in the family was.
I stared at the old man.
- I'm her uncle. When Ira his wrists slashed, Masha, my sister almost went mad. So kolis grandson, then pinned up so late?
- Do you have coffee? - It will have to tell the truth.
Over a cup of tea, I told my grandfather Nikifor everything that happened to us, starting with the purchase of an apartment.
- Hmm - my companion stroked his beard - and I think a familiar address. Listen - handed the guard - you can, with Mary, we see her tomorrow?
- Well, in principle, why not. Just before dawn, she comes.
- Yes, we still insomnia. So wait for a visit.
I got the idea.
- Uncle Nikifor, and go now? In Irishki birthday, I think, would be delighted.
I will not describe the meeting relatives. There were tears and joy after twelve years nazluki. I did not disturb them, and lay down on the couch, closed his eyes and began to think.
Suicide remaining in the tomb, feel everything that happens around them. I saw genuine pain Irene saw her suffering, although it was outside the body. And so, even while at home, poor girl feels everything that happens in the grave. Hearing voices in the kitchen, I tossed and turned until dawn and spent the morning relatives and continued to think. Leave everything as it is, I can not, but what do you do?
A pile of cigarette butts in the ashtray grew, and there was still no decision. On that day the first time I began to pray. Prayer - the last refuge of desperate people. I stood in the temple on his knees and cried, "You, being sinless, atoned for the sins of all mankind. I know that is unclean, sinful, but let me take over her guilt. Is it doomed? ". I remembered the biblical scenes and shouting. I asked him to give it a punishment to me, and this pure soul, guilty only that could not stand to take in. So I spent all the days, when I was not on duty.
Once I asked Ira, as it relates to religion, faith. I told her that I go to church. I thought it was too personal and embarrassing.
- You know, - she paused - I avoid the cross, icons, holy water, but not because it hurts or is dangerous. No, I'm just ashamed. Ashamed of his weakness, because refused the gift of life. Me and my mother in front of a shame, but thank you for having brought them with her uncle Nicephorus.
- So this is not for you, flour or obstacle?
- No. What are you, a religion hit?
- Not yet, - I kissed her silky hair, but existential questions I had.
I bought a few icons: the Savior, Mother of God, Nicholas. Remember the Chancellor Guy, bro? "This is not love, you're not at night called the Holy Virgin." Well, if it is determined by love, that I had a real love. Even Love with a capital letter. Every day, I called to God, she asked to remove the curse with his beloved, and my answer was silence.
At night, my sun was still coming at me. I have noticed in every line of her face concealed pain. And happiness. Grave pain and happiness to be here with me. Ah, Andrei, what happiness it was full the first year, and how heart bled when I saw the entire depth of the abyss into which plunged Irina.
Once, when I was sleeping, and Irishka was operating in the kitchen, the answer came.
I had a vast wasteland. Behind me was a road that forked. One way it crumbled away into thousands of lines. The second went through gullies, briers and thickets of grass. He was direct and unforgiving as the trajectory of a bullet. Behind him in the radiance of the rays of the Gypsies Irina. I nodded and confidently stepped on him. And then there was calm, his voice full of love.
- You can always refuse. Just ask all the stops.
And on the anniversary of dating, I felt sick. Then you know. Cancer. At first, a cancer of the stomach, lungs immediately. Doctors just clicked his tongue. A unique case. Within a few months the first stage turned into a third. Now I hit all that is possible. And when I manage to fall asleep, dreaming crude grave, pain and anguish. And nasty, catty, so filled with rage edge voice whispers to me: "You can always refuse. Come on, just one word, shout "do not" and everything will return. Or do you want to die? ».
And I just want to paradise. For her. As Vysotsky. Narwhal pale pink apples, and let her live. There, in paradise.
* * *
I was silent, looking at Max. How it has changed. In the thirty years - a very old man. Wrinkled face, the folds of his lips, the skin pale yellow as rancid fat.
- You have nothing to regret?
His eyes suddenly sparkled evil. A moment later my friend gasped:
- Do not ask me this question. You do not know what will be the answer, or at least think. One thought can destroy it.
Of course, I do not believe a word of the story of a friend, but took the chicken feet, were once a powerful hand fire:
- Forgive me, brother. Come on, get well.
We talked required in the event of a dispute about the inevitability of death. "I'm going to die" - "Yes, do not drive, we have at your wedding show off" and so on, although both knew: soon end.
* * *
Maxim Vershinin, a firefighter, my friend, just a good man, died August fifteenth, two thousand thirteenth year, they reach three weeks to thirty-two years. They buried him quietly in his circle. My parents died in a fire back in the two thousandth year that influenced the choice of profession. My friend saved from burning buildings dozens of people. A last farewell came only four: me, an old keeper Nikifor Petrovich with his sister, but the daily nurse hired me.
* * *
Forty days of celebrating the same composition in the apartment max. I think he would have approved my choice of location.
While I clean up after guests, darkness fell. From the half-open window the wind blew. Leaning over the spoon, I felt a noticeable kick in the ass. To say that I was afraid to say nothing. It understands only one who kicked in the ass in a completely empty apartment.
- Big Brother, nothing personal. Your guardian angel asked me to. He said, you know what.
Max stood with unfamiliar red-haired girl and smiled as before. In front of me was a strong fire again with a gentle nature and a kind smile.
- Meet. Irina, Andrew. Andrei Irina.
I sat down in a chair. It is all that he told the truth? And is it the flour were in vain?
- It's all right, brother. We were allowed into heaven. Mom and Dad are there too. I will introduce the bride. Well, you will not soon meet again.
They dissolve in the air. Stunned, I rubbed his bruised backside:
- Oh, and kick some of that was? - In response to silence. Ugh, now the reptile, which is not done in this life.




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