New items fashion. Carolina Herrera Fall-Winter 2013-2014

If you describe the fashion creations of Carolina Herrera just two words, then they will certainly be fabulous and elegance, which are the key for her new collection, presented at New York Fashion Week.
The sexy and elegant dresses Carolina Herrera collection autumn-winter 2013-2014 motives felt distant 40s, which blends great soundtrack fashion show called "Capriccio for Carolina." This collection is specially made for Herrera based on Beethoven's sonatas. After all, it has become a source of inspiration for the designer to create a collection. Carolina did not hide the fact that this music was an important part of the new collection, and the sounds of Beethoven's sonatas №9 accompanied her throughout the process raboty.Ona beautiful because begins with soft notes, and then goes to a crescendo. Same thing I try to do the show. Soft colors are in the beginning of the show, and then crescendo - the loudest color notes! It has everything: drama, romance and a bit melancholy.

As always special attention to the collection of feminine dresses pay "exit", is undoubtedly the pride of the Carolinas. This time, they were still with the original prints - handmade flowers personally developed Herrera.
Another characteristic feature of the new collection was at least open the body, even in evening dresses. Although it was an intriguing "modesty" - fitting silhouettes give an excellent opportunity to highlight the magnificence of a slim figure, and boast luxurious fur solvency.

The audience in the new collection Herrera appeared and soft honey-colored dresses with belted waists and structured shoulders that emphasized the perfect silhouette models.
Also presented were the outfits of dark shades with leather trim and colored fur. For example, suits with wide trousers and skirts, elegant skirts with trains and silk shirts with bows.
The color palette of the second part was very diverse: ruby ​​red, emerald green, azure, hot pink, black, purple, white and blue.
A major role in the new collection of Carolina Herrera plays fur. The famous designer has used fur trim to their dresses in unexpected places, thus showing what is not only fabulous, but also versatile, it can be beautiful fur. For example, it looks really amazing dark green jacket with fur inserts.
Closes fashion show, you can say a few dramatic images: we are all about the same chic dresses to the floor. They appeared on the podium in the berry and plum colors, and some were with abstract patterns. The minimalist makeup and retro styling models show Carolina Herrera Fall-Winter 2013-2014 were exquisite addition to presenting outfits.

In general, we can say that fashion designer in her new collection presented the usual philosophy of the new color palette, which is noticed some fashion critics, inspired by the mood of a winter garden, but true connoisseurs of fashion is not frightened prospect of "freeze" in dresses Herrera, and the collection was enthusiastically accepted again.

Carolina Herrera with his guests show Molly Sims and Maggie Grace


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