The strangest collections in the world

You never know who that saves, but look at the strange collection is always interesting. After much effort and work put people to find millions cap on the Pepsi. But people are so genuinely happy discoveries. That's such extravagant collectors will be discussed.

Belgian resident Celine Korent saves stuffed pandas. And not only them, but in general everything that has anything to do with pandas. It started with a passion that in 1978 her husband traveled to Italy, brought her a gift toy panda. Hobbies not meaningless - Celine is going to bequeath a collection of sick children.

Celine Korent shows a soft toy from the collection of pandas

Harry Burrows from the village LaPaglia, Halesowen (UK), collects vacuum cleaners and has already collected 40 pieces. Addicted to the device when the parents included a vacuum cleaner, hinting that his son's bedtime. Since then, Harry wondered how so vacuums associated with his life. He spends pocket money and buy rare models, slow-moving market.

Harry Burrows and his collection of vacuum cleaners

Dick Falen fan of golf. He brought 36,000 golf balls from around the world. He lives in Pennsylvania, USA. His collection assembles 50 years. His list includes balls that play Bill Clinton, as well as a basketball player Michael Jordan.

Dick Falen and his collection of accessories for golf

Margaret Tyler jealous honorary royal life. It does not just believe in what life should be like a king, but it's pretty cool. She accumulates things of this life resemble, as if partaking of the royal regalia. In her collection there mannequins Duke and Duchess of life-sized stained-glass window that once belonged to Princess Diana. Even his home near Wembley old converted into a guest house, a house that looked like a royal.

Margaret Tyler and trinkets Royals

Hannah Walker seven years. He lives in Gepmshire, UK. Once she began to collect beautiful erasers, and then found out about it by her aunt and gave her his collection, which is also collected from childhood. Some of the hundreds of erasers are still packed in wrappers, and the total value of the collection at the moment is $ 2,000. Some really collectible and released, for example, in 1986, look like toys or dolls.

Hannah Walker and erasers

Lucky George. Mayzenhaymer hit the Guinness Book of Records for his collection. He collected 10,000 yo-yos. He lives in Orlando, Florida. He even published a book-guide "for the obsessed yo-yo».

Lucky George. Mayzenhaymer and his collection of yo-yo

Collector Jiang Yan from Singapore collects dolls, mainly thematic. Buy them at auctions and all over the world. In the photo he is holding a toy Osama bin Laden. A total of 6,000 of its collection of Barbie dolls and other dolls 3000. His collection has filled all available gaps in the home garden.

Jian Yang collects dolls

Steve Sansweet lives in California and is a fan of the TV series "Star Wars." Steve is also the head of the museum, which is generally not profitable, but is a constant concern. He has already collected 300,000 items that are in any way connected with the film. There is even a miniature replica of the spaceship commanded by Han Solo.

Steve Sansweet collecting Star Wars memorabilia

Yvette Dardenne from Belgium adores painted tin boxes from the tea, chocolates and sweets. She has collected 57,600 containers. 76-year-old lady is proud of his collection: there are instances in which world events are depicted, scenes from everyday life, portraits of strange personalities of the 20th century.

Yvette Dardenne collecting tin boxes

Barney Smith of Texas, worked all his life as a plumber, and in honor of the 1100 collected toilet seats for toilets. Each is decorated with embroidered leather he or rag board. The collection took 40 years. His collection keeps in the garage, which is part-time became a local landmark and museum.

Barney Smith's toilet seat shows

26 years old Australian Perth Graham Barker saves in jars of navel fluff depression that closely shaves off and turns into pellets. Already I collected 22, 1 gram.

Perth Graham Brecher stores navel fluff in jars

Wang Guohua from China collects pack of cigarettes and had scraped together 30,000 pieces. The entire collection is located in his apartment, in one of the rooms.

Wang Guohua collecting cigarette packs

Haynrik Cat of Cuxhaven, Germany, collecting societies, which had more than 22,000 in its collection a lot of beer mugs, beer although he did not drink. Collect collection began in 1997.

Heinrich and his Cat mugs

Dimitris Pistiolas collects camcorder, lives in Athens. Accumulated a large 1,000.

Dimitris Pistiolas and video

Pam Barker of Leeds, UK, collects owls. Its collection of nearly 20,000 the number of copies entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Pam Barker and her owl

Very tasty collection of Ron Hood of Lewiston, Scotland. It collects edible sweet toys. He redid the basement of his house into a museum, which has 3,000 toys. Ron believes that is not enough. As he just keeps visitors from trying to eat it all - a mystery.

Ron Hood and his candy

Sharon Badzhli collects Santas, greater than 3000. It took almost a week to collect all the toys from the collection in the same room.

Sharon Badzhli and lots Sant


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