10 most terrifying numbers from around the world

Do you think that the number can not be scared? Even as they can! Numbers from our list - not trivial 13 or 666, but they inspire fear in the citizens of many countries. < Website tells the stories of some numbers with which many inhabitants of our planet nothing good associates.

39 h2> Afghans avoid the presence of 39 on the number of machines in the rooms and mobile home phones and even in the building address. People who have it shown in the room at home, pay calligraphy, so that they have drawn nine, as much resembling a figure eight.

If a resident of Kabul's telephone number is the number 39, he must take care to put CLIR, otherwise his calls, no one will answer.
Finally, people who have turned 39 years old, trying not to mention it. On the question of age meet, they almost 40.

888 888 0888 h2> In Bulgaria a telephone number 0888888888 is not served mobile phone company Mobitel because of superstition. The fact that three of its former owner died one after another. The first went to the light Grashnov Vladimir, former head of Mobitel. Officially, the cause of death Grashnova become cancer. However, in Bulgaria it was rumored that he was poisoned by competitors.

Then the number was transmitted drug lord Konstantin Dimitrov. Dimitrov died in Holland, where he went to inspect their possessions. Guilt for the murder was blamed on competing with them Russian mafia clans.

The third owner was the unlucky number as a drug dealer Konstantin Dishliev. Man officially engaged in real estate activities, died near a popular restaurant in Sofia. In just a few days before, police found the drugs in his house for a total of 130 million euros.

After that the company "Mobitel" ceased to serve the "accursed" number.

11 h2> The twin towers of the World Trade Center stood close to each other and were like a huge number 11. The aircraft operated by terrorists, crashed into them, 11 of September (the ninth month of the year). Summing the two units and nine, we find again, 11. But that's not all. September 11 - is the 254th day of the year in a row, while the numbers 2, 5 and 4, with the addition of form 11. The first plane hit the tower, the flight number was 11. In it were 11 crew members and 92 passengers (9+ 2 = 11). Finally, the English name of the city of New York and the country of Afghanistan, as you might guess, exactly 11 letters.

17 h2> The Italians consider the number 17 unlucky. According to them, it symbolizes death, as is written in Roman numerals as XVII. "What's wrong with that?" - You ask. The fact that such a sequence is not difficult to convert to a word «VIXI», meaning "I lived". It is often stamped on the graves of the ancient Romans. In addition, the number 17 is considered unlucky because on February 17 - the day of the Flood (this is one of the rare events, precisely dated in the Bible).

We should also mention that one of the numeric systems used for the interpretation of dreams, 17 means fail.

250 h2> For the Chinese, the number 250 is offensive. The fact is that in their language, it is pronounced as «er bai wu», which translates as "feeble-minded».

Use this number as a insult, probably started more ancient inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom. Interestingly, when the country was more common copper coins, the amount of 1000 coins were considered fixed measure of value. If the item cost less than 2-fold (500 coins), it was clear that it is inferior in quality. The price of 250 coins exhibited at the products of the lowest quality.

87 h2> It would seem harmless number 87 is called in the Australian cricket "diabolical number of cricket." Fans of the sport believe that the supply is likely after a set of 87 points of the game will take off soon.

The roots of superstition dates back to 1929, when 10-year-old boy Keith Miller watched the game with Donald Bredmenom, is considered "the best bat" at the time. In that game, Donald scored just 87 points, after which he was taken out of the game. After 15 years, when Miller also became a professional cricketer, his partner Ian Johnson, too, once out of the game, gaining 87 points exactly, allowing superstition to gain a foothold.

The funny thing in this story - that many years Miller has decided once again to examine in detail the same match. To his surprise, he found that Donald Donald Bradman scored while 89 points, not 87

17 h2> In 2014, for seven days, starting with the 17th of the seventh month (July), the aircraft crashed on the territory of Ukraine, Mali and Taiwan. Malaysian flight MH17 knocked in 17 hours 17 minutes in the East of Ukraine. It is noteworthy that the Boeing 777 aircraft operated exactly 17 years (from 17 July 1997 to 17 July 2014).

In the same month, an Indian military helicopter flying over Taiwan, crashed in 17 hours, 7 minutes, accident killed 7 passengers. Earlier, July 7, 2014, MI-171, used by the Vietnamese military, crashed at 7 hours and 37 minutes.

26 h2> 26 - an unlucky number in India. The devastating earthquake in Gujarat, due to the deaths of 20 thousand people, dated January 26, 2001. December 26, 2004 a powerful tsunami killed nearly 230,000 people. May 26, 2007 a powerful bomb exploded in the north-east of India, in the city of Guwahati. July 26th, 2008 a bomb exploded in Ahmedabad. Finally, exactly 5 months, 26 November of the same year in India, followed by a series of bloody terrorist attacks.

When adding numbers 2 and 6 turns 8. In numerology Eight symbolizes the destruction, difficulties, failures. Experts warn that marriage and other ceremonies is better not to appoint 8 of the month.

191 h2> Since the sixties of the last century, five different aircraft with the 191-th number of flight crashed.

In 1967, the American crashed a plane X-15, which made 191 th in a row experimental flights. Surprisingly, this was the only crash in the history of the use of X-15.

The flight 191 Prin has crashed at the airport "Mersedita" (Puerto Rico) in April 1972. In 1985, tragedy has overtaken ship Delta Airlines Flight, who also made the 191st flight. It crashed when landing in Dallas. Then killed 137 people.

In 1979 in the United States, barely taking off from Chicago's O'Hare Airport, crashed airliner. Killing all 273 people aboard. Number of his voyage - 191
Finally, in 2012, the plane 191 JetBlue Airways had to make an emergency landing. One of the pilots during the flight suddenly began to behave inappropriately. Passengers with difficulty restrained him until the co-pilot landed the liner.

Major airlines Delta Airlines Flight and American Airlines recently not use flights with an unlucky number 191.

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