That is why we shudder when we fall asleep

The site has learned that there are several causes of spontaneous flinching before bedtime, this - the most interesting and logichnaya.Ochen often falling asleep when we abruptly falls into a dream and our breathing slows down, our bodies think that we give tips and, therefore, works protective gear The brain on reflex level gives a signal to cut limbs and awaken us He sees no difference between falling asleep and dying, survival instinct always fires. That is why when we wake up and startle check whether all is well. And then, making sure again fall asleep.

To avoid this, you need a smooth transition to sleep, for example, take a hot bath or make a relaxing massage. Do not provoke the brain, not that it will wake you immediately.
The same thing happens when we are cold, we begin to tremble. The brain begins to activate the mechanisms that help us stay warm. Tremors - one of them, because it is frequently small muscle contractions. A muscle work is always accompanied by the release of heat energy.



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