Paris Motor Show: the conceptual and fresh

In this review we will talk only about the concept-carts. Some manufacturers do not brought to France, working models, but only the development of the future. Therefore, it was to see that.

Let's start with the hosts of the exhibition, the French. Peugeot showed on its stand three-wheeled scooter original concept Onyx, equipped with a hybrid power plant, issuing a total of 60 horsepower. Consumption on the combined cycle is 2 liters per 100 km. The charge lasts for 30 kilometers "completely ecological" trip. The central panel is removable, allowing sports concept to become a classic of urban scooter with a vertical landing.

It's not all the "jewels" of Peugeot. Also, under the name Onyx, in Paris he was presented the concept of a super car with a hybrid plant. Of course, the car can be called one of the most striking exhibits. The monocoque of reinforced carbon fiber, a total weight of only 100 kg, and the total weight of the concept - 1100 kg. The total capacity of the power plant - 680 hp High-speed data yet.

The last concept the French automaker - updated Peugeot RCZ and its sports version. On the last couple of parts. An improved design and stiffer suspension, coupled with a turbo engine 1, 6-liter (260 hp) allows to hope for higher sales from the beginning of next year.

Yet another French, Venturi, engaged in manual assembly of hybrid and electric cars, again showed his Venturi America. Electric car that made its debut in Paris two years ago, is finally close to production. Motor power equivalent to 300 hp On a single charge of car will travel about 300 kilometers. The maximum speed - 200 km / h.

The original hot rod from the Espera Sbarro design school is really unusual. Sbarro Eight Concept - of futuristic real live. Rear wheel drive car, the engine which promises 360 hp, is packed with modern high-tech innovations. There is no future in sales, but there is a conceptual :)

Germans from Volkswagen presented two concepts of novice family Golf. Eco Golf BlueMotion, with fuel 3, 2 liters per 100 km. With a fuel consumption on a full tank, the concept is able to overcome more than 1500 kilometers!

The second "relative" - ​​sporty Golf GTI. His "heart", with the volume of 2 liters and a power of 220 hp, consumes only 6 liters per 100 km, which is almost a fifth of the size of the previous version.

Finally, we will show live the new concept Smart Forstars, which you may have seen in the announcement. NEW positioned as cars for movie stars. Not literally. Just double concept capable of any smooth vertical surface to turn into a movie theater. Also, note the impressive trunk. This is another concept with no apparent future. But his ideas exactly will be used later by the manufacturer.

Oh, I almost forgot about the future of BMW. They brought in Paris its first front-wheel drive car. The chip not only in the drive and a hybrid installation. We were shown the key features of the design in the future for the German company. Active Tourer has a very high potential and that's a fact.

See our follow-up reviews, we will please you with something else interesting.


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