Geneva Motor Show (Geneva Motor Show 2012): kontseptualnenko

Another our review will show you the most interesting concept cars that we have managed to secure for the moment. There are sports cars and subcompact, and just pretty designs.

Let's start with the kid stuff Tata Megapixel. The first thing that catches your eye - the sliding doors. It is only then we will know that the concept is equipped with four electric motors that operate the generator on the basis of the internal combustion engine. As you know, electric motors located one at each wheel. The battery will last for 90 kilometers. If you use the internal combustion engine (volume 0, 325 liters), then with a full tank can be easily reached from Kiev to Moscow, and still have a bit on the cork :) Speaking of numbers - 900 kilometers. The maximum speed - 140 km / h. Turning radius of the updated concept car - 2, 8 meters.

Nissan Invitation - not only car at the booth. However, one of the most interest. This compact minivan looks very dynamic and smart, if I may say so. During the appearance, which seems pretty dimensional, this concept is smaller than the Note. For details, unfortunately, is no.

The following is not a simple concept. His group of students developed a well-known designer of Turin University IED. The project involved eleven students who are supervised by the designers of the Maserati and Pininfarina. Among the students there are Ukrainian Yaroslav Chumachenko and Russian Vasily Kurkov. It is clear that the project will remain in development, but I think that this coupe sure there would be buyers. Original Cisitalia 202 was released back in 1947 year.

Another revival - the concept of the Touring Superleggera, which took back the legendary Alfa Romeo C52 Disco Volante 52-year issue. Concept car and named - Disco Volante Concept. The basic model for the concept car was the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. The eight-cylinder engine provides 443 hp concept, which is not surprising given the amount of 4, 7 liters. Disco Volante - rear wheel drive concept.

Now turn to the concept of "from scratch", but everything is relative, of course. Hyundai long time talking about the upcoming grand changes in external features of their models. Perhaps this concept i-oniq prepared for the role of the basic model to new ideas. The hybrid propulsion system of the concept car consists of an electric motor of 109 "horses" and liter petrol three-cylinder engine with a capacity of 61 "horses". Speed ​​limit Hyundai i-oniq limited by the number 145. One motor concept can overcome 120 km. If you pour a full tank - 700 km.

Infiniti Emerg-E has already announced earlier, but now we have to see live pictures vozmozhnot concept. So far no information about the possible release of a hybrid sports car. Perhaps the increased interest of visitors will determine the final plans producer. The power plant concept car is equipped with a petrol engine (1, 2 liters) and two electric motors, which are a total plant capacity in 402 hp Emerg-E dispersed to 100 km / h in 4 seconds. The charge enough for a 50-kilometer distance.

One of the jewels of the fair, of course, was the conceptual model of the Bertone Nuccio, created in the style of Italian super-cars 70-ies of the last century. The concept is the name of the founder of the company - Giuseppe "Nuccio" Bertone (Giuseppe «Nucio» Bertone). The Italian company will celebrate the 100th anniversary in 2014. In its aerodynamics and extravagant design, Nuccio is arguably one of the main surprises of the auto show.


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