Travel along the Yellow River with Kechunom Zhang (Zhang Kechun)

He took a camera and went to Northeast China, where originates the Great Yellow River. Translated from the Chinese, its name is just translated as "Yellow River". We also offer you travel.

Born Kechun Zhang (Zhang Kechun) thirty years ago in Sichuan. Now he is living and working in the city of Chengdu, which is the capital of the province. The photographer, of course, did not pass the entire length of the river, since it is 5464 kilometers. Zhang traveled to the upper reaches of the river. For the Chinese, the Yellow River - a symbol of the country. Therefore, the author speaks very enthusiastically about the river, "She is alive! Sweeps first snake, which accelerates the flow, practically stops. Everything changes, but the river is constant. It can rotate and destroy the coast, but she continues to run to the sea. No less diverse landscapes and past which runs the water of the Great River. "

Photo by Zhang Kechun


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