Chinese mini-submarine (7 photos)

Chinese farmer Zhang Hui, who lives in the village, on the outskirts of the city of Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, built in his workshop miniature submarine. Yesterday, August 29, Zhang and his group of assistants has successfully tested an underwater baby. This - is not the first mini-submarine Zhang, and not the last - he plans to do them for sale.

1. Chinese farmer Zhang Hui village of Qinling, not far from Wuhan, manufactures miniature submarines for sale. Photo: polished surface is almost finished submarine-baby in the studio farmer.

2. On August 29 another submarine has successfully passed the first test in a small lake in the Qinling. This little one, the dimensions of which are 3, 6 meters in length, 1, 8 meters wide and 1 to 2 meters in height, made in the form of blue dolphin.

3. According to Zhang his new submarine is able to stay under water for 10 hours and reach speeds of 20 km / h, while plunging to a depth of 30 meters.

4. "After the security check, I hope to sell a submarine about 100, 000 yuan ($ 15, 670). One mediator sent me this month, an order for another "- shared with reporters Zhang.

5. An enterprising Chinese-taught makes submarines for years. Usually they are bought to be used for entertainment or harvesting seafood.

6. Zhang Hui is not alone in the market of home-made mini-submarines, although it is a unique master in Hubei Province. Photo: One of the assistants farmer looks out the windows mini-submarine.

7. China's interior improvised doing and submarines, and even helicopters. So, for example in 2008, the Chinese craftsmen Tao Syanli managed to gather himself to collect the submarine weight of 1, 6 tons. Inside the 6-meter boat can fit only one person, but it has a lot of things that can be useful during the voyage: the model is equipped with barometers, cameras, oxygen tanks, lights and even a TV.


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