Museum of the submarine S-189

In a floating pier LenVMB at the Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment docked submarine museum P-189613 project. The submarine was built in 1955 at the Baltic Shipyard is the oldest post-war construction of a submarine, to stay afloat.

Soviet Central diesel-electric submarines, torpedo Project 613 - the first and most numerous type of boats built after World War II.

Sailing World and the C-189.

This boat was built in the years 1954-1955 at the Baltic Shipyard and became part of the Kronstadt base submarines. Today it is the only surviving rarity from the famous 613th project. Until 1988 it passed a diving school thousands of sailors, sergeants and officers. In 1990, the boat was removed from the Navy and soon sank in the port of Kronstadt. On its ascent at the Leningrad naval base had no money, his fate submarine waited six years until divers veterans not the idea to make of it a museum. At the end of 2005 with the help of the charity of the former military submarine sailor Andrew Artyushina lifted and placed in the dock on Kanonersky plant. More than two years spent on the restoration of the internal equipment. In August 2007, the submarine was installed on the embankment leytinanta Schmidt, work began on the creation of a museum on its board. The museum opened on 18 March 2010.

Technical project developed in CDB-18 (now the CDB MT «Rubin") under the direction of JE Efgrafova and approved in August 1948. The first boat was launched at the factory "Red Sormovo" in October 1950, and entered into service the Navy in 1951. Total from 1951 to 1958 was built in the USSR 215 boats of the project and another 21 units in China. It's the biggest series in the history of Soviet submarine, on a global scale, it is second only to VII-Series German submarines under construction during the Second World War.

In the Soviet Navy submarines have served on all fleets. Their main purpose - conducting combat operations against enemy ships and transports, mine-laying, reconnaissance. By the end of the 80s the project 613 boats were carrying on combat duty in the seas and oceans, are used to test new weapons, as training centers for training of personnel. Many of them have been converted into other projects.

Main performance characteristics:
the length - 76 m;
the width - 6.3 m;
above-water - 1050 m;
Scuba - 1350 m;
is the depth of immersion of 200 m;
-ekipazh 54 people (8 officers);
-avtonomnost 30 days;
maximal speed
surfaced - 18.25 knots;
underwater - 13.1 node;
-time continuous stay under water - 200 hours.

View of the stern.

The church can be seen through the periscope of the boat.

The boat is divided into seven sections. Sign the ladder 4 compartment.


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