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Almost two years ago there was a film dedicated to the well-known actor, poet, singer, legend Brezhnev era Vladimir Vysotsky - "Vysotsky. Thank you for living ". During the filming of this movie has been involved Mercedes 1974 issue, which is a replica of a blue Mercedes Vladimir Vysotsky.

The morning of the first day of 1980 dawned overcast and foggy. Blue-gray "Mercedes" raced through the deserted Leninsky Prospekt. Not on the road or on the sidewalk was not a soul - citizens of the Soviet Union, having watched "Blue light" and plenty of monologues mocked by Raikin Hazanova and finally fell asleep. Only a single empty trolley, coming despite the New Year's morning, on schedule, and began to drive away from a stop. In honor of the holiday, even the driver decided not blinking the left front position lamp - still no one on the road no. Blue-gray "Mercedes", he had not even noticed, and when he heard a blow to the left side, was genuinely surprised: "Where did this diplomat here ?!»

However, the car belonged to a foreign diplomat is not - the numbers on it were the usual black - 92-99 IMB. Under this number in the Krasnaya Presnya district of the capital GAI July 8, 1976 was registered car "Mercedes-Benz 380" with the number of engine and chassis 11028-10023792. The owner of this car was registered Taganka Theater actor Vladimir Vysotsky.

Blue-gray "Mercedes" was not the only car of Vladimir Vysotsky, but the hero of the film was exactly it. To achieve a complete historical accuracy, the filmmakers have raised archival documents and found the machines TCP Vysotsky. Upon learning of his personal number, they turned to the dealer "Mercedes" for used cars and ordered the exact same car. Then it was restored paintwork. In preparing the car for the shooting were used materials from the archives of the Museum of Vysotsky: photos, certificates of friends. In the game all Mercedes as well as an authentic, even the tape recorder - one to one like Vysotsky, Vladimir Semenovich is almost always included her behind the wheel. On the tapes were his songs, recordings of performances by the way he was rehearsing for the radio.

Vladimir Vysotsky, one of the first in the Soviet Union bought the Mercedes original color "blue metallic." Unfortunately, traces of the car Stelmakh lost somewhere in Georgia in 1989. But the filmmakers gave to everyone a great opportunity to get to know an exact replica of the car, put it on public display at the Moscow cinema "October". Advantage of this opportunity and we are. Vysotsky was known not only for their creativity, but also a special love for good cars and fast driving. He was one of the few who could afford in the years 1970-1980 foreign cars. And it was not just cars, but the best-in-class Mercedes and BMW.

Still, the first car to Vladimir Vysotsky purchased in 1967 at his own expense, he had Volga GAZ-21, which pretty soon was broken. In 1971, Vysotsky became one of the first lucky ones who managed to buy a new product of the Soviet automobile industry - the car VAZ-2101 gray with license plate 16-55 MCL. It was the first representative of the initial batch. Even the word "Zhiguli" to him has not yet been used, and called him a "Russian Fiat." The fate of the car sad: July 31, 1971 after the football match Vysotsky arguing with a neighbor-fan, the owner exactly the same "Lada", but green, the first of them turn away, moving towards one another head-on. The owner of the green "Lada" turned out to be no less gambling than the Vysotsky, and both cars crashed into a pancake. After the restoration of "Zhiguli" were excluded from October 11 of the same year and sold to someone.

The first foreign car Vysotsky became Renault 16TS, which Marina Vlady brought from France. This six-car cost in the sale of 3300 francs, in Soviet money was 500 rubles. Vysotsky was on it just an accident on the first day, having driven in the bus stand. The accident was not serious and the car still managed to repair, although in those days to find spare parts for foreign cars was not easy. This Reno Vysotsky and Vlady conceived to make a trip to Paris, but the car with Paris accommodation could not travel more than 100 kilometers outside of Moscow. Friends helped make a special permit in 1973, Vysotsky and Marina Vlady still made this road trip. On arrival in France Marina Vlady published ads in the magazine Paris-Match: «Marina Vlady sells car ... information call ..." and then the car was sold.

Just a year later, Vladimir Vysotsky went on tour in Germany and brought back two BMW 2500v SST: a metallic color, and the other - cream. On account of the traffic police managed to put only one car, because the second number in the hijacking. Vysotsky traveled on both cars, just rearranging the numbers from one to another. In the end, one car was arrested by Interpol and the second Vysotsky went to France, where she successfully sold.

Finally, Mercedes 1974 issue (Mercedes 450 W116) - gorgeous four-door sedan Vysotsky bought in Munich in 1976. It was rare for the European car color "blue metallic." Buy dream car helped Vysotsky Marina Vlady and his foreign friends. His purchase of the singer had to spend all the money raised from the sale of BMW, and even add some fees for concerts. In order to clear of Mercedes, Vysotsky gave several free concerts to Soviet customs. In gratitude, he was allowed to pay customs duty on car hire.

This car does not just puzzled employees of traffic police. Moscow is well aware that Brezhnev has a couple of Mercedes, in which Secretary General famously travels through the capital. So when I saw the blue Mercedes Vysotsky, the guards were drawn to attention. Mercedes 450 W116, which had Vysotsky mersovskomu belonged to the family of S-Class car that first appeared in 1972. Mercedes W116 1972 release was the world's first system ABS, hydropneumatic suspension and a three-stage automatic transmissions. This lineup produced until 1980, mainly consisted of "eights» 350SE / SEL and 450SE / SEL. There was also a diesel model 300SD with a short base (for the North American market), and became the flagship 450SEL 6, 9, with a huge 6, 9-liter V-shaped eight.

All models installed disc brakes on all wheels. The body structure was reinforced with a variety of steel cross and diagonal braces. Crumple zones front and rear are more energy intensive. Therefore, these cars were among the safest in the world. Cowling was such that all the dirt, flies to him, almost did not get on the front glass. There were also specially designed for these models wipers, which was purified by a much larger area of ​​the windshield.

Saloon W116 trimmed with cloth, and in the most expensive trim AMG skin. Mercedes 450SEL 6.9 AMG has lower front and rear bumpers, aerodynamic side "skirts" rims that can be offered in 3 dimensions - 215 / 60R15 7J, 225 / 50VR16 8J and 235 / 45ZR17 8J. Chromium was absent. The suspension was one centimeter lower and stiffer. Engine power is 380 hp Why not a dreamboat?
In 1974 Mercedes 450SE won "Car of the Year." Release Mercedes S-Class W116 in the back was discontinued in September 1980. There were created more than 473 thousand such cars. The owner of one of them was Vladimir Vysotsky.

But the happiness did not last long, and this car accident caught Vysotsky. Sedan was broken January 1, 1980. Lost control, Vysotsky at high speed crashed into a tram. Soon the car was renovated and subsequently sold. It is interesting that all machines Vysotsky was prepared for one event - almost all of them were smashed to smithereens. Those who personally knew in Vysotsky, remember that Vladimir Semenovich drove terrible - less than 200 km / h, he did not go.

a In the end of 1979 on tour in Germany Vysotsky buy your last -Sport Mercedes coupe Mercedes 350 SLC tan. This car possessed eight-cylinder motor in the 3, 5 liters with an injector, which gave out 202 hp power at 5800 rpm. Torque equaled 29 kilogram-meters. With a specific power, coupled with a three-stage machine could reach a speed of 200 km / h. To Moscow Vysotsky did not get on it: under construction for the Olympics highway Moscow-Brest Minsk just behind at top speed, he lost control and flew into a ditch. This Mercedes restored after the death of the actor, but because of its service centers, no one took.



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