"Thank you for living". Brilliant words of Vladimir Vysotsky, timeless.

About Vladimir Vysotsky can write for a long time: for the life of this great man had time to do much. Someone appreciates Stelmakh for his unmatched acting game (which is only Hamlet in his performance!). Other Vysotsky honored for his recognizable from the first notes of a particular way of singing hoarsely, which is not to repeat to anyone, no matter how hard. There are people, I bow to his talent as a poet, as such trenchant line could write only a man with an iron will and incredible thirst for life.

Today the team of online publication published for you the most powerful quotes genius era, which once again proves that people are timeless legends. These words touch you every nerve wrenching soul inside out ... So to say could only fearless Vysotsky, for which he kowtow.

Vysotsky unpredictable, liberated, and ... brilliant. In his words the whole range of emotions hidden from the silent cry of the soul to the hysterical intonation, tearing apart all prohibitions and laws. They really expressed a whole era, and rightly so.

There is probably no such person who would not know about Vysotsky. Therefore it is necessary to share his sneering, truthful word to all your friends.

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