Vladimir Vysotsky. Half a century debut

September 19th, 1964 the actor, poet and singer Vladimir Vysotsky copyright songs first appeared on the stage of the Moscow Taganka Theater, where he worked until his death.
"I used to die - we've always die - What would have to guess, so as not to itself - that in the back with a knife: Slain spared, burial service and pampered paradise - I can not say about the living and the dead, we cherish." < br />
21 Photo topical today quotes the idol of several generations.

Vladimir Vysotsky (pictured) was born on January 25, 1938 in Moscow. His early childhood was spent in a communal apartment on the 1st Meshchanskaya the street, which the poet wrote later: "... At thirty-eight small rooms only one toilet ...»

According to his relatives and friends of Vladimir Vysotsky was a very good child, immensely who loved his mother (pictured), with which he lived until 1947, then moved to her father and his second wife, which Vysotsky called "Mama Jack", in Germany, where father served

Since childhood Vladimir Vysotsky was a low, thick, nedetskiy voice. He loved to sing. The case when the teacher asked the class to eight years Vysotsky sing loudly. He agreed, but the song is not dopel - teacher felt that the boy, singing in a thick bass, simply mocks it. Then he wrote his first poem, "My oath," dedicated to the memory of Stalin. In it the poet expressed the feeling of mourning for the recently deceased leader

"Where your seventeen years? -The Big Karetny! "In 1949, the family Vysotsky returned to Moscow and settled in a house on Big Karetny Lane, where now a memorial plaque. At the same time the future artist began to attend drama club, directed by actor Theater, Bogomolov. However, the first tests for Vysotsky were unsuccessful - he was denied due to the husky voice. Yet he did not leave attempts and shortly Vysotsky took documents from the IISH, where he studied, and entered the acting department of the Moscow Art Theater School

In these trials in 1956, one of the teachers asked him: "What can you do?" "I write songs," - said Vysotsky. "I've got to run, but the 30 minutes I'll listen," - said the teacher. As a result, the sample was delayed for 2, 5 hours, and samples were successful on photo Vladimir Vysotsky in a scene from the play "Ten Days That Shook the World" at the Taganka Theater staged

"You are a familiar melody ear ready / and looking a knowing eye, / Because love - / is forever love / Even in the future, your distant" As a graduate student Vysotsky first appeared on stage in the role of Porfiry Petrovich in academic performance "Crime and Punishment" . Then he could try his hand at cinema (the film "peers" cameo student Petit). The first theater, where after graduation began working Vysotsky, was the theater of Pushkin. By 1968, Vysotsky for his role in the movie "Vertical" (pictured), for which the actor also wrote songs, he knew the whole country

In 1964 Vysotsky began working at the Taganka Theater, where he served until his death. He soon became a leading actor of the theater, which did not prevent him making records (in 1968 he published his first author shellac "Songs from the movie" Vertical "") and continue to write poetry Pictured Vladimir Vysotsky as a pilot Young-Sung from Theater Drama and Comedy on Taganka "Good Person of Szechwan»

Over time, the love of Vysotsky became nationwide. He cited, as the performances with the actor going notices. A case where Vysotsky once flew from the next trip, he surrounded the huge crowd. All dragged him pictures, or that will be on hand for an autograph. One man held out his party card. Vysotsky, seeing this, he said: "Why? You also expelled from the party. " What he thought for a moment and answered: "Oh, to hell with him, sign & quot;

Voice Vysotsky eventually became a kind of alternative TV. Without coming into conflict with the government directly, even using her favor, earning serious money in those days, when visiting and even openly chic (think of the famous "Mercedes"), Vysotsky not fawned not served. It took a huge emotional spending, and he compensated them with alcohol and drugs. In 1969, he suffered the first attack - throat burst vessel. Doctors saved his miracle. The photo Belokhvostikova Natalia and Vladimir Vysotsky in the film "Little Tragedies»

In an interview with Vladimir Vysotsky (seventh from left) often talked about his friends, among whom were both well-known personalities, as well as "a few people, not related to the public ... occupations." However, his closest friends have become an actor Vasily Shukshin, director Andrei Tarkovsky, the writer Arthur Makarov

Vladimir Vysotsky was married three times and always an actress. But the most famous of his novel became an affair with a Frenchwoman Marina Vlady (pictured). It has become a kind of symbolic of love long before their private meeting. Vysotsky was her wake at night to sing a song just written. In recent years, the life of an actor they were not together, much copied, often Vladi did not respond to calls Vysotsky. Many of his friends were against this context, considering it disastrous for the artist.

"I'm scared lucky that I got to the theater once Lyubimov. Because he immediately began to use my songs to sound in the performances. It supported me to sing on different evenings, invited just to yourself, to me, listening to his friends - writers, poets, artists, and so on, and he always wanted me to sing, sing, sing "One of the most famous roles Vysotsky the theater was the role of Hamlet (in the photo) in the eponymous ballet staged by Yury Lyubimov. The play was too bold for its time, and it has repeatedly tried to ban.

Alla Demidova, Vladimir Vysotsky (center) and Victor Sternberg in the performance of the Moscow Drama and Comedy Theatre on Taganka "The Cherry Orchard»

Vysotsky often toured. I have been to America, where he was tried only once to ask about "the horrors of the Soviet regime." On this question the actor replied firmly: "Do you think that if I have a problem with my government, I came here to solve them?»

Perhaps the most well-known role of Vladimir Vysotsky in the movie can be considered Zheglova captain in the movie "The venue can not be changed" (pictured). Phrases from the film immediately began to cruise, and ordinary Soviet citizens Vysotsky loved even more.

The last line, which Vladimir Vysotsky wrote a few days before his death: "I have something to sing, appeared before the Supreme // I have something to justify himself before Him»

Vladimir Vysotsky wrote more than 200 poems, some 600 songs and poems for children (in two parts). He played 20 roles in theater and about 30 roles in movies

Vladimir Vysotsky died July 25, 1980 in his Moscow apartment. The immediate cause of death is still controversial, since no autopsy was performed. The first and last note of his death came in the "Evening Moscow" - in the capital was the Olympics, the authorities did not want to mar the holiday of peace and sport

Say goodbye to the bard came, it seemed the whole of Moscow. Thanks plates "Melody" and "tape culture" recording Vysotsky were in each house, and everyone felt his departure as his private loss. Tribute to an artist came about 40 thousand. Man

The son of Vladimir Vysotsky Nikita (left), and artist and sculptor Mikhail Shemyakin at the opening of the new exhibition in the cultural center of the State Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky

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