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November 16 this year, died of a heart attack Vladimir Turchinsky - "Dynamite".
Something too many good people took in this year ...

Vladimir Turchinsky born September 28, 1963 in Moscow in a military family, his father - the Main Directorate of Border Guards officer of the KGB. In fourth grade began to seriously engage in sports. In the fifth grade was the silver medalist in Moscow to combat. In eighth grade team was in Moscow Sambo, 16 years old master of sports. Before the third year he studied at the Moscow Institute of Civil Aviation (MIIGA), specializing in the programmer. Voluntarily left the army, he served in the airborne troops. Demobilized, he moved to the State Central Order of Lenin Institute of Physical Culture (GTSOLIFK), where he received a diploma coaches.

During the perestroika years, Vladimir earned the photographer sold pictures in various magazines. There was a bodyguard of actors and singers, such as Dima Malikov. Translation of articles from English to Russian sports press. He worked in the protection of Cherkizovsky meat processing plant. Later he headed the security service in a family company, engaged in computer technology. He worked as a teacher of elementary grades.

Vladimir Turchinsky conducted a series of television programs: "Fear Factor" (2003), "Fear Factor-2" (2004) on the NTV channel; "The strongest man" on TV channel "Sport"; "Laughter without rules" (April 2007), "Killing League" (2007) on TNT and others. From the middle of November 2004 he conducted a program of jazz and blues, "The Last of the Mohicans" at the radio station "Silver rain". He acted in many Russian movies. Playing in the play "rubber Prince" at the Moscow State Variety Theater. Since 2002, Vladimir is the lead singer of a rock band "Guarana". In September 2006 in the series "Guide to Fitness", a book by Vladimir Turchinsky "explosive philosophy" that reflects the philosophical and practical aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Master of Sports in judo, Candidate Master of Sports in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. In 1991, the first and only national championship in American football, Vladimir became a champion of the USSR in the team "Moscow Bears". Winner of the Russian Cup on American football in the team of "Moscow giants." He played with the team in the semi-professional soccer league in the United States. In 1994 he won the ranking number 1 in the world classification of the participants in this show. He took part in the world championships among the strongest athletes of the world - «World's Strongest Man». He was recognized as the most powerful athlete Russia in 1998 under the version of professional league "Interstrong." Since 2003, Vladimir Turchinsky is the president of the Russian "Professional League Power Extreme» (PLSE). The director and founder of the network of fitness clubs "Marcus Aurelius».

Married three times. His first wife, Irina - putter; second - master of sports of athletics. Third - Irina Turchinskaya, graduated from university with a degree in "protection of computer information", then Institute of Physical Education, an expert on bodybuilding and fitness, fitness model, the vice-champion of Moscow on body fitness, general director of the club "Miss Fitness". The son Ilya (from his first marriage) - champion of Moscow to fight on his hands; daughter of Xenia (third marriage).

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