20 funny cats, which I definitely remind someone. Here the resemblance!

Are there any you have times when your pet starts to remind you madly someone? Well, then your imagination with everything in order. At his mother nature joke, she is not spared side and our smaller brethren. So take the kitten to the house, grow it, cherish, about anything not guess, and then one day you realize that your usatik - the spitting image of Salvador Dali or the reincarnation of Charlie Chaplin. If the habits of a cat most similar to his master, the outwardly he may seem like anybody even do anything!

Cheerful team of online magazine has prepared for you a selection of tents kotofanov that as two drops of water similar to some people. However, not only of people, and now you're convinced of it myself. And he managed as someone noticed the resemblance!

So that's why my cat likes to wear ... This is the spirit of Dobby!

Replica found!

One person ... and the body, and donors.

So it looks like Batman's pet.

Barsik, my friend, that these monsters do to you?

So with whom he painted ...

Maleficent. Home. B>

This cat definitely think about the third world ...

with mustaches!

Show language problems!

And someone Charlie Chaplin home lives ...

Pin-Up Pussy at your service.

The main thing is not to confuse that file on the table ...

mileyshee evil on the planet.

two of a kind.

Where's the "Oscar" handed out?

fluffy ball, which is always with you.

Earth or cat fur seal?

One can see birds of a feather.

Harry Potter should beware of cats!

Do you still doubt that cats have a connection with higher powers? Ivory, like dobby, as well as a mini-me version of Hitler's pretty laugh. Who is your favorite in the collection this plague? Tell us in the comments and do not forget that you need a dose of positive to share with your friends.

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