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You can draw any design and give it as a concept similar fire a few years ago. Now it is not enough just to add the car wings and announce that after 15 years all vehicles will be unmanned. As the future built on communication with IoT in the overall ecosystem of smart cities, will be reflected in the appearance of the car?

Can now someone to lay the foundations of the transport systems of the future, or should we be content with abstract imaginations of the designers, while the real pioneers of the market (for example, Tesla) are in no hurry to share their promising practices?

Twenty two million seven hundred ninety two thousand two hundred fourteen

The answers to these questions we look for in our conceptual and futuristic collection. Most of the promising developments is planned to implement commercially, leaving in the form of exhibits "cars of the future."


Moto-carEight million eight hundred one thousand five hundred fifty seven

Three-wheeled Toyota i-TRIL, in which seats are arranged in such a way as to provide passengers the best possible review. When you start and stop the electric motor the rear seats are rotated 90⁰, facilitating embarkation and disembarkation. Controlled machine using two joysticks, while secondary functions are set by the voice. In addition, the machine turns can lean like a motorcycle.

Twenty four million eight hundred seventy nine thousand six hundred

Trike Pendo-Tracto — a three-wheeled vehicle that looks like a motorcycle. Pendo-Tracto is driven with the front wheel and can carry up to three people.


Flying carNinety million twenty four thousand eight hundred ten

A few years ago, was presented a prototype of the AeroMobil, the moment became almost ready for commercial exploitation, a model of a flying car. And here began to catch up with other manufacturers. French pilots from Airbus, the world famous for its aircraft, decided to do cars, but not simple, but also able to fly. The machine can independently move four wheels and propellers, presented in the form of individual drone.

Thirty one million three hundred fifty thousand sixty

On the road the passenger compartment is detachable from the propellers and attached to a wheeled platform, and optionally installed on standalone rail trains. The size of the drone — 5 to 4.4 m, And ground and air transport modules are equipped with a full autopilot.


Racing carFourteen million seven hundred thirty nine thousand fifty one

Designer Thomas Alhazen showed his vision of a miniature sports car. The machine Osis varies depending on driving conditions, the road and surrounding landscape. The car received a completely removable body panels, which are presented in different colors, as a removable case for your phone. Osis reflects the trend to attempt to make at least partially DIY-car using many interchangeable parts.

Faraday electric car Future FFZERO1 with acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in three seconds. Powerplant FFZERO1 includes four electric motor with a total capacity of 1000 HP

Eighteen million fifty seven thousand five hundred sixteen

The production version of the electric vehicle Faraday Future FFZERO1 Concept will be presented in the next two years. The modular architecture allows to build similar cars with front-wheel or rear-wheel drive and also use all-wheel drive system.


EkotekhnikaNinety six million three hundred sixty eight thousand three hundred eighty nine

Concept Rinspeed Oasis allows you to grow plants inside — Yes, inside there are two chairs, wooden floor, front panel with large screens and a bed of plants. The garden is located under the windshield of the vehicle and designed to generate fresh air in the car.

Sixty four million four hundred fifty three thousand seven hundred one

In addition, the machine is very "communicative": it can greet the driver or to write to a pedestrian that he may cross the road.


Stretchers for botsSeventy one million eight hundred seventy one thousand six hundred thirty four

Mercedes-Benz showed a concept Vision Van project tonnage of the carrier, in which the body is mounted a clever sorting system of the goods: she selects and puts forward the need for unloading when the van arrives at the address. To deliver a package weighing up to two kilograms can controlled from a smartphone eight wheeled drones with a range of 10 km. will Soon begin testing of truck and drones.


DronesFifty eight million six hundred three thousand five hundred sixty two

Not just drones, and "bezchelovechno". The Russian company Volgabus drafted a future family of commercial unmanned vehicles. Based on their ideas modular transport on a single base platform. During operation can not only change the design of the vehicle (e.g. truck to do the bus), but also to drive up to the desired transport module is a fully loaded truck instead of the one where you got the battery.

Eighteen million eighty one thousand four hundred eighty four

MATRЕSHKA (so called themselves the authors of the project) is not just a concept. The first finished prototype now runs in on the territory of "SKOLKOVO", and the second focused on field testing and three more cars are being build.

Ninety million one hundred fifty four thousand six hundred seventy five

Something similar is now doing together, "KAMAZ" and "Central scientific research automobile and engine Institute "NAMI". "The Shuttle" (the original name with one "t") is an unmanned van for 12 people (including six seats), which should get you to the destination in the city. A large number of similar machines can replace the usual public transport. The first prototypes of the "Shuttle" already go unmanned — for this purpose, the contours of the body hidden radar, cameras, ultrasonic sensors, CPU. The maximum speed currently limited to 25 km/h Shatl can be fully or monoprovodu.

Ninety two million ninety seven thousand nine hundred fifty

Volkswagen has revealed a fully Autonomous car Sedric ("self-driving car"), whose appearance on the roads should expect closer to 2025. An electric battery, which set into motion Sedric, is located in the floor of the electric vehicle. And the windshield Sedric, if desired, can be turned into one big screen. The car also for some reason got a small greenhouse where you can grow plants.


Distant futureEighty two million two hundred twenty one thousand nine hundred forty four

Rolls-Royce has revealed a concept car with square wheel arches, the output of which a series is not expected before 2040. Nevertheless, the concept is at least a prototype with some interesting details: one door, rising vertically to the roof, the sofa in the lounge.

Thirty million seventy four thousand eight hundred sixty two

Luggage placed in the designated slot on the machine side, behind the front wheel. Released as a 360⁰ movie, which allows smartphone and virtual points to be inside the car.

Thirteen million one hundred eighty eight thousand four hundred eighty one

Renault Paris motor show took the trouble to build a futuristic two-seater coupe best wallet. The car is equipped with two batteries with independent cooling systems, optimized air intakes with variable geometry.

Fifty two million six hundred twenty nine thousand four hundred seventeen

Doors from Renault Tresor no — top car is made of carbon, opens like a cabin from the aircraft. Renault Tresor will be able to go in offline mode, hiding the steering wheel inside the panel to provide the driver with a beautiful panoramic view.


Smart CDThirty nine million three hundred thirty nine thousand five hundred thirty two

Chinese startup NIO showed a concept electric drone EVE, equipped with comfortable salon, where you can even sleep. Seats inside the car are laid out in full sofas, a folding table and compartments for storage of personal belongings — everything is done to ensure that passengers are fully relaxed and trust the car.

Fifty six million four hundred fifteen thousand five hundred fourteen

After all, the salon is a 6-seater lounge area. Instead of glass — interactive screens that displays information from the onboard computers. The Chinese declare their readiness to put the machine in the series by 2020.

Fifty two million six hundred thirty thousand five hundred eighteen

Honda NeuV — a self-governing electric vehicle, which determines the emotions of a passenger / driver on the basis of the data adjusts the driving style. The first prototype machine has already been built, but the finished software yet. published  


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