To ensure a lush geranium blossom, you need to know THESE rules! My colours is the envy of all the neighbors.

One of the most popular indoor plants is the geranium. Now have the opportunity to purchase in a flower shop a variety of species of geranium, pelargonium, for example. It impresses with its size and color so that no one can not pay attention to this plant.

In addition to its unusual beauty and color, pelargonium he is not capricious in care, are seldom subjected to diseases, and, best of all, easy to tolerate poor conditions. But, in order to provide her with rich flowering, it is necessary to know certain rules of care, which will tell you the"Site".

When to trim herniotomy to know when to trim a geranium, you need to determine its type — annual or perennial. An annual plant must be pruned just to give it the desired shape, but is a perennial crop twice a year — in spring and autumn. This will ensure not only the removal of wilted parts of the pelargonium, but will also contribute to the emergence of a huge number of large blossoms, and prolong the duration of their flowering.

Note that the Geran depending on the type can grow in width or, on the contrary, have a high stem. You will not be able to radically change the shape of the crown by trimming. It may even lead to the death of the plant.

The main purpose of pruning is a thinning of the crown. This leads to better ventilation, the ingress of greater amounts of moisture and sunlight. You need to remove all the branches, directed inside the crown, giving vent only growing outward.

The knife or secateurs need to handle boiling water, alcohol or a special antibacterial agent. Cut the stems only of the sheet bundle, and the cut is necessarily anoint charcoal or sprinkle with cinnamon powder. To renew strength geranium after all the manipulations, give tribute to her feeding. She loves nitrogen fertilizer.

Autumn pruning
After drying the last of the blossoms and before the onset of winter to prepare the plant for the upcoming dream. In the fall of pelargonium dries out a bit, pick up the yellow dry leaves. All withered blossoms and the old stems should be removed as well. Pruning in any case can not be carried out in the period from December to mid-February, when the plant is particularly weak.

If the geraniums were allowed unnecessary long stems, they need to be cut in the area of the first leaf node. But if you want to have this stem in the future, let shoots and continued growth, it is necessary to cut above a node. Don't forget about the main stalk: remove one-third. Experienced growers are advised to remove emerging in winter buds, so exhausted sleeping plant gained strength before the summer bloom, and not waste them in vain.

Spring pruning
This should be done in late February or no later than mid-March. To properly conduct the operation to remove the stems, take into account the size of the plant. Don't put a large sprawling hive of radical pruning, as it may not be enough forces for the landscaping and the formation of buds and it may not bloom. Little geraniums can be cut more ruthlessly, forming the desired shape of the crown.

Pay attention to the fact that after spring pruning geraniums bloom a little later than usual, but the result you will be pleased with. The buds will be bigger, their size will become larger, and the duration of flowering is longer.

If you want to give your geranium a standard form of plant, you should trim all lateral stems and small shoots that all forces were directed to the strengthening of the main stem. This procedure is time consuming and the first flowers on the so-called Palma will appear only after a year.

Do not take twice a year 15 minutes of your time, so all summer to enjoy lush blooms and a wonderful scent of his beautiful geraniums. Share your tips with friends on social networks!

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