Where and what flowers to plant: Palatka.

Shady and half-shaded areas:

Aquilegia, Aconitum, saxifrage, periwinkle, Brunner, Volzhanka, geyhera, doronikum, the bleeding heart, saxifrage, Campanula latifolia, Lily of the valley, day lilies, Buttercup, lupine, primrose, violet scented, Phlox, Hosta.

Sunny areas:

Alyssum, Aster, begonia, gelenium, Dahlia, gypsophila, gladiolus, delphinium, iris, Canna, clematis, Campanula, daylily, onion, poppy, peony, cyanosis, stahis, Phlox, yarrow, Hosta, geyhera, Edelweiss.

Wet areas:

Astilba, Aquilegia, Vinca, bergenia, botulinic, Volzhanka, anemone, geyhera, iris, bleeding heart, day lilies, marigold, forget-me-not, peony, ferns, Primula, Jacob's ladder, Phlox, cyclamen, Hosta.

Dry areas:

Alyssum, hyacinth, cornflower, Ajuga, Kermek, saxifrage, Catnip, flax, lupine, milkweed, houseleek, stonecrop, stahis, evening primrose.

Acidic soil:

Maidenhair, anemone, periwinkle, Chinese carnation, Dianthus deltoides, the bleeding heart, saxifrage, Campanula, lupine multivalent, Buttercup, houseleek, marsh forget-me-not, Sedum, Primula, Jacob's ladder, Phlox.

Neutral or slightly alkaline soil:

Adonis, Veronica, geyhera, hesperis, gypsophila, iberis, saxifrage, clematis, Daisy, peony, primrose, rose, erinus. published

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