What a wife brings her husband good luck


Woman represents the psychic energy of the family. How a woman behaves, what her psychic energy, the same psychic energy will reign in the family. If women have enough mental energy to believe that all will be well, such a wife brings her husband good luck. Even if it's bad, she never doubts her husband. But this is a very rare case, mostly women tend to be nervous, to worry, to doubt. However, everything is in their hands. It all depends on how many psychic powers. That is, if a woman is going through, her responsibility is to read some protective prayers, mantras, moods and so on. She should do this every day at the moment when she felt any problems. The female mind is six times more sensitive than men's, so women guesses difficulties that lie ahead. And this is her duty to guess these difficulties. She should not tell her husband, "I think we're gonna get in trouble and so forth." Because it is useless, he wouldn't understand what was going on. In order to overcome this anxiety, the woman should immediately, immediately start to read these defensive moods.


In the Vedas it is given much attention. So there are various protective moods. For example, application of clay or water on about twenty different parts of the body. That is, children every day a woman gets in these moods with great faith, and the child becomes reserved, his body becomes protected from various influences, from destiny. That is, he can't hit his head or something. It is protected. It all depends on the mental state. In fact, these sentiments convey the piety of the mother-to-child. And, for example, if the child itself has bad karma, and mother good, at the moment when he gets sick, she can sense some great danger. At this point, she should strongly believe that all will be well. If her faith will overcome anxiety, then, in this case, it does not give the possibility to occur accidents.

We can use your piety to prevent accidents. This force is present in the psyche. And you should know that in the minds of women this force is present more than in the minds of men.

If we talk about who's fighting the war, you still have to think...
If true, godly wife, very much believes that her husband will return, according to the Vedic knowledge there is no warrior who could shoot him. If her faith is stronger than his resolve. That is, it must overcome the determination of the person with whom he fights. So her faith is opposed to any bad influence. published

Author: O. G. Torsunov

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